First-Year Parties on the Rise?

It’s day two. It’s been 48 hours since the class of 2026 settled into their new homes. The students have already started introducing themselves to their new neighbors, becoming quick friends with those in close proximity to their living quarters. Eager to begin their college career with a bang, whispers of a new party scene emerge. Sure, high school was great, but this will be better…right? 

According to Bates Residence Life, Rand Hall is known as a “quiet residence.” On Sept. 1, Rand was anything but quiet; first-years spilled into Rand’s cramped basement, curious to scope out the party scene in which they will be a part of for the next four years. Lasting for several hours, the party was a success. The aftermath? A lost speaker and two holes punched into the wall, a warm welcome to night life at Bates College. 

After two nights in the Rand basement, the first-years were off to AESOP, exploring the natural beauty that Maine has to offer, and creating close bonds with fellow classmates. But upon arrival back to campus, the party scene was just as alive as when they left. Page Rage began, and Rand basement was soon forgotten. 

Then, after a week to themselves, the first-years were no longer alone because the other classes had returned. With the houses open, the party scene shifted yet again. 

The iconic scenes of houses on off campus streets streets re-opening and hosting some of the best parties the first years have experienced thus far. These packed and very toasty environments are rumored to have great dance floors. Milliken is also on the first year radar, known for a less crowded and more intimate environment. 

The start of classes didn’t stop the class of 2026. While the students are still adjusting to college academics, the party scene hasn’t slowed quite yet; if anything, the scene is just getting started. While many students say that they are excited to see what else the college experience has in store for them, they are also equally devoted to achieving academic success during their time here at Bates. 

The class of 2026 is one filled with talent, grit, and love for parties. With four years left in their college journey, there are many more late nights, and early mornings, in store.