Statement Regarding Our Most Recent Union Update

Dear Bates Community,

As many have noticed, we pulled our most recent update regarding the union organization from our website and newsletter released on Wednesday, October 13. This was done to ensure that all of the information stated in the article is correct; it has since been republished.

The decision to pull the article from our website was difficult, but necessary. The Bates Student must remain true to its goal of clear and factual information, especially when reporting on such a serious topic like labor organization on our campus.

While The Bates Student is funded by Bates College as a student organization, we are an independent and autonomous organization run by Bates students for the benefit of the very same community that we are a part of. We do not take accusations of misinformation lightly, but at the same time, reserve our right to publish stories that reflect the opinions and sentiments of this community.

Going forward, we will do our very best to ensure that we stay true to our mission as a paper to accurately report both sides of a story. We ask that you remain patient with us as we learn from our mistakes in our reporting this week and strive to uphold our standards going forward.


Jackson Elkins ‘22

Editor-in-Chief, The Bates Student