Letter to the Editor: Support Open Dialogue on Israel/Palestine

As a Bates alum, I write to support some open dialogue about the situation in Palestine and Israel today. My long study of history, and reading plus speaking with people on each side of the situation has made me feel that, often, in the press, the Palestinians are seriously underserved. It is regularly called a “clash” when Palestine and Israel have a dispute. It is rarely indicated that Israel always has the upper hand, and that their power is coming from the weapons they buy from the US; thus we find regularly that the Palestinians throw rocks while the Israeli force uses armament and troops.

The Palestinians are confined to a homeland held hostage by the Israelis, and over time that homeland has been made smaller by force, new settlements and evictions.

While I was a Bates student, we often had “teach-ins” where a group could explore an issue thoroughly with all voices that speak reasonably being heard.  This might serve today’s needs as well. I write only to support dialogue regarding the situation of each group in order to forward human rights and not to support any side of the issue.

Steve Hoad is a member of the Class of ‘72.