Stix Makes Buying Pregnancy Tests Easy, Stress-Free


Katy Boehm/The Bates Student

Stix provides an easy, subsctiption-based model to STI testing.

When you need to get a pregnancy test, going into a drug store can be daunting, awkward, and anxiety-inducing. No birth control is 100% effective; therefore, testing can be a way to calm yourself down after a late period. If you already have irregular periods or your birth control has caused your period to disappear, regular pregnancy testing may be part of someone’s schedule. 

However, pregnancy tests can range from $8-15, and consistent testing can make a stressful situation even worse due to the cost. Stix offers subscription services for pregnancy tests, ovulation tests, as well as UTI tests and prevention materials.

Stix was launched in February 2019 by two women who have each had awkward experiences buying pregnancy tests at drug stores. They believed there should be a better way, so they decided to make one. They wanted to make purchasing tests easy. Stix can be bought for a one-time purchase, or you can start a subscription. 

Starting a subscription means that every two, four, eight, or 12 weeks, tests will be delivered to you. Another priority was to make accessing tests more discrete. The shipping is discrete, as it comes in a basic brown envelope. Their final focus was on cost. For Stix, no matter if you have a subscription or are making a one-time purchase, you will get two tests for the cost of $13. 

Stix offers not only pregnancy tests, but also UTI materials, such as tests and daily protection. They also have ovulation tests, which are commonly used by people who want to get pregnant; additionally, if you ever want more protection, checking your ovulation is a good way to get in touch with your cycle. Ovulation tests can give you insight into when you are most likely to get pregnant, but if you have a fairly regular period, it may also help you gauge when your period will arrive. 

Stix is always expanding their products and helping make these products affordable.