One Year Later: Ode To A Change In Times

It was March 13 when our world turned upside down

          Our campus fell silent in an eerie stir 

      With nothing left to allure

  Soon no classes were in-person, neither were campus events or parties

Soon we had to say goodbye to our friends, our campus, and yes, even our 

Beloved Short Term

The question now on everyone’s lips: When will we ever get the chance to return?

We were forced to leave spring

With nothing to bring

But our memories of what was supposed to be…

Now here we are again one year later 

Masks, social distancing, testing and all

Students, faculty, staff alike

All in new surroundings that we still find trite

Although this time we remain for warm weather and sunshine

Hopefully,  to replace our wounded hearts

One year later so much has changed

One year later very little is the same.