More than just a Convenience Store: Meet the Owner of Kim’s Kitchen


Vanessa Paolella/The Bates Student

Tariq Yasin, owner of Kim’s, offers take-out options including fried rice, pad that and lo mein, among other quick meals.

Kim’s Kitchen is frequently visited by Bates students for late-night food and beverages such as chicken fried rice and french fries. However, the strength of the link between Kim’s and Bates is often overlooked.

 A convenience store has operated across from the Wentworth Adams dorm since at least the 1970s. Current Kim’s owner Tariq Yasin and his family moved from New Hampshire to Maine in 2018, and he bought the store soon after.

The exterior of Kim’s Kitchen, which is located on the corner of Bardwell Street and Russell Street. (Christina Leonard/The Bates Student)

For Mr. Yasin and his family, the experience has been nothing but positive. “When I started cooking here I was very slow,” he said. “[Bates students] all sat here not rushing [me], even after ten, 20, or 30 minutes they didn’t rush me and are nice to me.” 

Indeed, the constant presence of Bates students has helped forge a link between the Yasin family and the school. 

“My son talks with the students all the time, my little one, and my daughter too,” he said. “We all like it.” This will be no surprise to anyone who has waited for food at Kim’s and been challenged to an impromptu party game at 11 p.m. by a small child. 

This relationship is shared by students as well. Indeed, it is probably impossible to find a Bates student who has not visited Kim’s at some point. 

According to freshman Bryce Ansah ’24, a self-professed fan of the french fries, “I love going to Kim’s because it is very convenient and close to campus.” This is a sentiment shared by most students who go to Kim’s on the weekend.

All in all, the relationship between the student body and Kim’s is positive. As Mr. Yasin summed it up: “We like that [students] come here, they give us good business…they are all respectful and bring new students here for the food…We like Bates College. We like all the students, they are the best.”