Stop Discrediting Bernie Sanders’ Minority Supporters

Ever since the 2016 Democratic primary election cycle that mainly involved Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, there has been an unsettling narrative perpetrated by Sanders’ political adversaries within the Democratic Party. This narrative generalized Sanders’ supporters and characterized many of them as overly demanding and unapologetically aggressive. This led to the emergence of the pejorative […]


Problematic Faves

On Nov. 14, Professor Erich Hatala Matthes from Wellesley College, Massachusetts, gave a talk at Bates regarding how people should react and interpret art created by morally questionable artists. Professor Matthes is a professor of ethics, politics, and the aesthetics of cultural heritage, art, and the environment at Wellesley and is currently writing a book […]


We’re Here, We’re Queer

After years of individuals discriminating against me for identifying as queer, it felt refreshing to hear that in college I would finally be surrounded by individuals who will understand and accept me for who I am. Sadly, after coming to Bates College, I realized that was far from the truth. Instead of being embraced with […]


Food Waste: Thirty-two thousand, seven hundred and forty-one pounds of it

We produced 32,741 pounds of food waste that was converted into pig food in October. What a staggering number, right? Nonetheless, more waste needs to be examined. There is also the consideration of materials that are composted (food, tea bags and stirrers,) recycled (paper, plastics, tin, glass, and cardboard) and, finally, unconverted trash going to […]


Pete Intrigues Exhausted Voters

With the 2020 Elections right around the corner, the Democratic primary is heating up. Lesser known candidates like Tim Ryan and Seth Moulton have dropped out, while other candidates like Kamala Harris focus their resources on Iowa to keep their campaigns afloat. We’ve seen everything from Medicare For All to mandatory gun buyback programs to […]

Arts & Leisure

St. Martin’s Day, Culturally Enriching and Emotionally Uplifting

As Halloween concludes and we move into November, it seems like American culture immediately plunges into the extravagant and over-the-top Christmas bonanza (even before Thanksgiving, my goodness). Us people in the States may not be aware but there is actually a wonderful European holiday, also ending in ‘-mas,’ that can shift our attention away from […]