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I Appreciate You

Oh Mommy,
How are you doing?
Oga, I am doing just fine.
But that is the issue
I am doing just fine
What I own that is mine
Should not only be fine
I need you to be better
Do not follow by my example
I need you to live the life you want to live
I need you to never forget that health is wealth
I need you to stay alive to be the father your sisters have lacked.
But Mommy…
I just turned 19.
In Nigeria, you would be a father.
But that is Nigeria
This is America.
I do not care because life is life, is it not?
Yes Mommy.
So what if this is a different place?
Every place has people
There are only so many people who can be different
People are people, are they not?
Yes Mommy.
People feel sorrow, rage, and joy, do they not?
Yes Mommy.
Let yourself be vulnerable to change…
I was wrong.
The hardest thing for any man to admit.

“Never forget that mama is never wrong, son.”
The mother creates
The mother creates a path
The mother creates a path for a child
The mother creates a path for a child to strive

The mother creates a path for a child to strive hereafter they move on.

Chidubem Umeh
Contributing Poet

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