Talk Like a Batesie

With a new environment often comes a new lexicon to familiarize yourself with. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to talk like a true, seasoned Batesie!

1. Commons Crush – Noun

Being attracted to a stranger in Commons.

Possible Usage: “The worst part of quarantine is not getting to see my Commons Crush”

2. Pepper Flip – Noun or Verb

Dare your friend to do something stupid as you flip the pepper shaker on your table. The dare is set if the shaker lands right-side up. If your friend refuses to do the dare, absolutely nothing happens to them and no one cares. 

Possible Usage: I didn’t want to eat Commons’ vegan jello, but I lost the pepper flip.   

3. Ladd/Lib – Noun

Bates’ Library. Smells like anxiety. For some reason has metal detectors by the door.

Possible Usage: “Remember when we used to be able to go to the Lib?” 

4. “Going to Mount David” – Verb

Euphemism for recreational student congregation. 

Possible Usage: “Let’s go to Mount David before Commons; the grab-and-go meal will taste better.”

5. The Goose – Noun

Term refers to something known as a “bar.”

Possible Usage: “‘Let’s go to the Goose’ said the senior, disillusioned with the college lifestyle.”

6. Newman Day – Noun

24 beers in 24 hours. Not everyone comes out the same, and Drommons is the place to be. 

Possible Usage: “Mom stopped paying my tuition after visiting campus on Newman Day.” 

7. PGill – Noun

Huge building you probably remember from your tour. Be prepared to spend too much time here. Pro tip: make sure to knock on the door before you enter any study room.

Possible Usage: I have a math final this morning so last night I slept in PGill

8. PGrew – Noun

Pettigrew Hall, dance and theatre departments located here. Be prepared to mix it up with PGill at least a few times freshman year.

Possible Usage: Wait, there’s a PGill and a PGrew?

9. Bardwell – Noun

The closest thing you’ll get to a frat house at Bates. Traditionally inhabited by the men’s lacrosse team, this off-campus house is infamous for it’s loud, dark, sweaty atmosphere. Definitely can’t be 6ft apart.  

Possible Usage: Is Barwell happening tonight?

10. Green Dot/Red Dot – Noun or Verb

A campus-wide program that advocates sexual respect and proactive responses to sexual violence. For some reason, people have turned the terms “red dot” and “green dot” into kind of a meme.Not be confused with Green Light/Red Light the drinking game.

Possible Usage: Don’t be a red dot.

11. Silo – Noun

Slang for the Benjamin E. Mays Center. Called “Silo” because the building is used to store large quantities of grain. 

Possible Usage: In case of an apocalyptic scenario, always head for the Silo    

 -Old Bates attage. 

12. The Cage – Noun

Slang for the Gray Athletic Building, Bates’ token huge empty field house. Stuff goes on there sometimes, you’ll figure it out. This may also refer to a bar on Ash St., an alternative to the Goose. 

Possible Usage: The Den will be moved to the Cage in the fall for social distancing.

13. 55/65 – Noun

Street number for Chu and Kalperis. Which is which? No one knows. 

Possible Usage: Is Chu or Kalperis 65?”

That’s just the tip of the proto-linguistic iceberg. Here are some acronyms you should try to throw in at least a few times every sentence to professors and students to sound like you know what you’re talking about.

14. BOC: Bates Outing Club

The closest thing Bates has to a mafia.

15. GEC: General Education Concentration 

Secondary degree equivalent to Monopoly money 

16. DCEMS: Don’t Call EMS 

That ambulance ride do be expensive tho.

17. FTP: Frisbee Team Party

A party hosted by the second closest thing to mafia at Bates. Usually pretty bacchanalian.

18. JB: John-Bertram Hall

Dormitory/Set for 28 Days Later.

19. ARC: Academic Resource Center

Tutors and TAs abound. Slogan is: If you need to come here, it’s too late.