Things to Know About Bates

While campus life will surely look different this semester, there are a number of places and resources all students should know when they arrive to school. This list offers a comprehensive list of anything you might need to know while familiarizing yourself with campus. 

*updated as of Aug. 14, 2021


Students can change which classes they are registered for at the start of the semester. Students may “add” classes up to 5.5 credits; students may also drop classes down to a minimum of 3 credits. Students can only add a class which has open space. In some cases, instructor permission may be necessary. Students can email the instructor to request permission. This function can be accessed in Garnet Gateway, similar to class registration. Students can drop a class up until the add/drop period date and receive no penalty or mark on their record.  


Lyceum is Bates’ online platform for classwork and assignment submissions. Often, professors will post syllabi, reading assignments, project descriptions, videos and other resources for students to access. This year, Lyceum will likely become even more important due to the virtual components of classes. Nine times out of ten, if a professor mentions a reading assignment or a paper to write, the information will be posted here. Some professors will post all of your grades to Lyceum, making it easy to see where you stand. Others will only post major assignment or paper grades and others will never use Lyceum. It all depends on the professor.   


Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is the mental health wing of Bates Health Services, housed at 31 Campus Ave., across from Historic Quad. All counseling is free and unlimited on an appointment basis. (If you are in a crisis after-hours, you can call (207) 786-6200 and press ‘0’ to be connected to counseling.) It is a super helpful, welcoming place to go. CAPS counselors are all certified and have a variety of areas of expertise, ranging from eating disorders to mood disorders to grief. If you take psychiatric medication, it can be prescribed through CAPS and available for pick-up at local pharmacies, but note that medication is paid for by your health insurance.

Libbey Forum

Libbey Forum is where the Registrar’s Office and Student Financial Services is. It’s located at  44 Mountain Avenue or if you’re headed down Alumni walk towards 280, it’s the building that’s straight across from Alumni Walk. Hours are 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Libbey Forum is operating remotely this year so if you need to contact the registrar or student financial services they’ll be available over email or phone. If you have any questions on registration, credits,  your degree, or pay that $50 late registration fee contact the registrar. If you have a question on financial aid/finances, forms fill out, when these forms are due, and if you need pay those parking ticket fees issued by security which can range from $30-$100 contact student financial services.


If you’re lucky enough to live in Kalperis or 65 (as many upperclassmen call it), you’ll get to enjoy the Treehouse (though if you don’t live there, you are still welcome to visit too), which is on the top floor of this residential hall. The Treehouse has a beautiful stainless steel kitchen, sitting area with great tables to study at, the Kalperis laundry room, a ping pong table, a television and vending machines. Weekend mornings my friends and I would head upstairs and spend countless hours studying in the Treehouse — mark your territory early though, the tables fill up quickly.  

Laundry Card Machines

Unless you’re really into the whole all natural fad (no judgement here, you do you), you’ll want to pick up a laundry card and put some money on it. The machines take big bills,  credit, and debit cards and are located in the following buildings:

  • Commons (past main doors, next to Arcade windows): usually the easiest one to find.
    • Pettingill Hall (down the anthropology/politics wing, little hallway to main foyer): more central location and perfect for Smith and Adams Hall.
    • Hacker House (green house on the left side of Frye Street): this one’s right where you walk in, you can’t miss it.
  • Chu Hall (in foyer): this one does not take cash or credit. You’ll need to go get a code for your card from the laundry card website.
    • Kalperis Hall (in foyer): this one does not take cash or credit. You’ll need to get a code for your card from the laundry card website.
  • Ladd Library 

The Den

Whether you want a different spot to work or just need some comfort food, the Den is where all Bates students get to enjoy some great food and drink in a casual setting. The Den is a great place to have club meetings, take a first date (you can usually tell who those folks are) or have a meeting with your professors. The mozzarella sticks are a staple of the Den, but be sure to combine the different sauces for a perfect spicy kick for those cheesy bois. 

Degree Audit

Can’t remember what classes you need to take in order to satisfy the requirements for your major or minor? Degree Audit can help you plan out your academic roadmap and help you stick to a schedule that allows you to graduate on time. Navigate to Garnet Gateway and look for the Students tab and the Degree subtab. There you will find your degree audit where you can figure out what you’ve finished, what you need to take, and what class counts towards what requirements. 

Academic Resource Center (ARC)

ARC is the place where all that confusion, doubt, and uneasiness about your essays, exams, quizzes, and other hurdles in your classes. At ARC you can partner with a tutor for specific classes or subject matters, get a second pair of eyes to proofread and troubleshoot your essays, and work through proofs, formulas, and scientific mumbo jumbo for all you science and math majors. This is a free service and students can usually drop in unannounced or schedule a one-on-one appointment.  

Napkin Board 

Was your taco just right? Did you enjoy the non-GMO, gluten free, (insert other adjective here) meal that was available in Commons that day? Let the folks know about it! The Napkin Board is the forum that students use to voice their opinions about the food in Commons and either complement or critique the food served that day. Normally, you would just grab a napkin and something to write with and leave your napkin on the Napkin board. You are also welcome to use the the lesser known online platform Napkin board. Within a few days, someone will respond to napkins with a meme, written sentence, or my personal favorite, a meme with a sentence written on it! 

Music Lessons

Whether you did it in high school or want to pick up something new, the Music Department offers a wide variety of private music lessons for 0.5 academic credit. Lessons are offered in the fall and winter semesters and meet once a week, scheduled between you and your teacher. Applied Music also has a separate fee of $320 added to your bill. This is because a lot of the Applied Music faculty are not full-time Bates faculty, but rather professional musicians. However, if you look at the per-lesson price (~$30), you’re typically paying about half of what you would pay a private teacher outside of Bates. The cost is waived for students on financial aid. You can repeat Applied Music for credit as many times as you want.

Bates Museum of Art

Bates’ Museum of Art is a wonderful place to spend some time. Normally, the museum is open during regular business hours to the Bates and L/A community. Students may visit the Museum of Art for a class, or simply walk in to view the exhibits. In the past, the museum has hosted educational events for the surrounding community. Additionally, beyond the displayed exhibits, the museum also has an impressive collection in storage which students may inquire about viewing for academic projects.   

Bates EMS

Bates EMS is the 24 hour 7 day a week state licensed Emergency Medical Service run by Bates students for Bates students and anyone on Bates campus. That means that if you are a Bates student, but are at an off campus house for example you should not call Bates EMS, instead call 911. It’s important to call Bates EMS in an on campus emergency first because they can get to you quicker than the ambulance services in Lewiston/Auburn. Every member of Bates EMS is a licensed EMT in the state of Maine. You can call whenever you are unsure about a health issue you or a friend are experiencing. For calls that involve alcohol, Bates has a policy that students will not get in trouble if they call EMS so it’s truly better to be safe than sorry. Their number is 207-786-6111.

Research Librarians

If you have any confusion on the research you’re doing you should contact the research librarians. Each librarian specializes in a certain topic such as STEM or Classical and Medieval Studies, so no matter what class you’re taking or what major you are you can contact them. They are useful for helping students navigate Ladd’s online and physical resources for research. You can call  (207) 786-6271 or email [email protected] for more information.


Bates has numerous campus-wide dances, often decade themed, for students to enjoy. Most students go out for these dances, and they are a big part of Bates’ social scene. In the fall semester, Bates hosts 80’s (the first and wildest of them all), Halloween, and Snow Ball. In the winter semester and short term, Bates hosts 90’s, Millennium, Gala, and Last Chance to Dance. Additionally, Bates identity groups, such as OutFront, a queer-identiy group, often host dances. And, on graduation night, Bates hosts a 21+ dance for seniors called Midnight Madness. While many of these are casual dances, Snow Ball is a semi-formal dance and Gala is Bates’ formal dance. These two in particular traditionally sport live music.   

Village Club Series

The Village Club Series, known better as VCS, is a Thursday night social event held in the Benjamin Mays Center. Events usually include performance artists such as poets, musicians or comics. One of the highlights of the VCS schedule is the student showcase, where students perform themselves. During the 2020-2021 year, VCS continued with virtual events sponsored by Campus Life. 

Bate College Student Government

More commonly known as Student Government or BCSG, this organization is the link between students and the administration. This year, BCSG is led by co-Presidents, Kush Sharma ‘23 and Marcos Pacheco Soto ’24. Check out our Q&A with them here. Each class year elects three representatives. Returning class years vote in the spring, while first-years vote for their representatives in the fall. In the past, BCSG meetings have been open to members of the Bates community.