Jump-start January

New Year.

New me.

A typical saying that is easier said than done.

Fulfilling a New Year’s resolution is no easy task. The process of developing new habits involves improvements, setbacks, frustrations, and more. Oftentimes, people relapse into the same routines as before because that is where they feel most comfortable. And that is okay! However, it is important to not lose sight of the ultimate goal. These resolutions are inspirations for a reason. Unfortunately, a barrier in the pursuit of growth is how someone perceives the challenges ahead.

The mindsets behind certain New Year’s resolutions are adverse as they gravitate towards the negatives of a situation rather than the positives. From how I see it, I believe it is critical to move towards an attitude that consistently encourages growth while simultaneously acknowledging obstacles and failures. Actively learning from our mistakes is essential to this process.

For example, the New Year’s resolutions of eliminating desserts from one’s diet can be considered in two different ways. The punitive and unrealistic interpretation is to never eat desserts again. On the other hand, an effective and practical interpretation is to consider healthier dessert options. In this way, desserts are not as tantalizing and it assumes dessert to be a normal part of a person’s choices. There are healthier substitutions that are feasible in the long run, and this approach leaves the door open for an individual to make mistakes without feeling too much guilt.

As a member of Bates CHEWS, our goal is to always promote healthy eating and wellness in Commons. With the start of a new semester, we believe this is a great time to develop new, healthy habits. The second semester can be a tough period because of the freezing temperatures and constant snow. It is important to take care of yourselves by any means possible because we always want to practice self-care and self-love. Moreover, healthy eating can fight against the start of flu and cold season, minimizing any effects from such illnesses.

Our event for this month is Jump-start January on Tuesday, January 28th from 5-7 pm. This is an opportunity for students to focus on new Commons habits that will make everyone’s experience better. Examples include sanitizing in and out, remembering to bring your reusable container to Commons instead of leaving with Commons mugs, mindful eating, and more. We encourage students to share their Commons creations by submitting them to us! During our event, we will be hosting a shuffleboard-inspired game that promotes positive habits for the New Year. We encourage everyone to come out and learn something new!