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Janet Judge Speaks About Divison III Athletics

Bates has seen tremendous success in the world of athletics. Teams have competed at the national level, state and regional championships have been won, and Bates offers over 30 varsity programs to students. Approximately one third of the student body has been recruited or chose to compete for these teams. These students are busy on and off the field, balancing practice with academics and other club and extracurricular opportunities.

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Batesies Volunteer at Trinity Jubilee Center

Hungry for some volunteer work? The Trinity Jubilee Center – only a five-minute drive from campus – has plenty of opportunities.

An independent non-profit organization since 2001, the Trinity Jubilee Center now serves over 1,000 people in the Lewiston-Auburn area each week. The Center provides immediate aid in the form of meal programs and a day shelter as well as long-term aid in the form of job application advice and medical attention.

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Isuken Food Truck Drives New ‘Commensality’ to Lewiston

On Sept. 20, 2018, the Isuken Co-op Food Truck held its much-anticipated grand opening on 966 Sabattus Street in Lewiston, where it shares a space with New Roots, a local Somali Bantu farm stand.

After two years of planning, the Isuken Food Truck is the first ever Somali Bantu farm-to-fork food truck in the US.

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The Consequences of Gender Imbalance in Economics

Margaret Flynn ’22 has felt alienated from math since high school. She can pin it back to a sophomore year class when she was placed in a group with three boys and was asked to complete problems. “They would say, ‘Oh, we don’t even need to do this one, it’s so easy,’ and I wouldn’t speak up even though I didn’t understand it,” Flynn described.

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Foreign Language T.A Spotlight: Daniel Guarín

Each week, The Bates Student interviews a foreign language teaching assistant to get a better grasp on how foreign languages are taught at Bates and understand the importance of teaching assistants. This week I spoke to Spanish teaching assistant Daniel Guarín, who discussed his non-linear path to teaching Spanish, his Colombian education, and the importance of communication over perfection when learning a language.

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PLOT Garden Caters to Locavores

More than ten years after the word “locavore” was added to the New Oxford American Dictionary and featured as the word of the year, the jury is still out on what “local” and “local food” actually is. While “locavore” describes someone who attempts to eat food produced within a 100-mile radius, “local food” can embody a variety of associations. In 2009, a study sponsored by the Food Marketing Institute asked people why they buy local.

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President Clayton Spencer Voices Her Vision for 2018-19 and Beyond

September is always a hectic month at Bates College. New and returning students are settling into their dorms, classes, sports, and clubs. Faculty and staff are prepping for courses and campus events. Ultimately, everybody is transitioning from the relaxing summer months to a bustling start to the fall semester.

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PLOTting for a Sustainable Future

Chances are, if you’ve visited the vegan or salad bar in Commons since classes have started, you’ve been fortunate enough to sample produce from the newly instated Bates Garden. Located just west of campus off Russell Street, it’s a quick walk to the 1.6-acre plot. In one year, the garden has gone from an ambitious idea to an impressive reality. Nell Houde ‘18 worked all of last year to establish the Bates Garden and create the Bates Garden Club, PLOT.

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Foreign Language T.A. Spotlight: Alina Popova

Last year, The Student ran a column highlighting the invaluable work done by foreign language teaching assistants. This week I spoke to Alina Popova, the new teaching assistant for the Russian department.

When learning a difficult language like Russian, students stress the importance of a teaching assistant in the foreign language learning experience.

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Commons Napkin Board Artist Eludes All

If you’ve ever found yourself shuffling through the dish return line amidst the post-12 o’clock lunch rush—AKA the great exeunt of Commons—you’ve probably entertained yourself by reading the fresh and quirky “Napkin Board” along the wall.

Cheryl Lacey, head of dining operations at the college, sat down to talk with The Bates Student about the job of the elusive Napkin Board Correspondent who writes the creative responses.

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