The Bates Student

When Are We Getting Lizanecz’s On-Campus Bar?

October 23, 2019

Student body president Ryan Lizanecz ’20 has promised an on-campus bar since his initial campaign as a means of creating what he referred to as “a social place for upperclassmen.” He believes that a bar on campus can act as an alternative to the Blue Goose, a popular Lewiston-based establi...

Lizanecz’s Plans for his Presidency

October 2, 2019

Ryan Lizanecz ’20 wasn’t planning on running for Student Body President. Although he has represented the class of 2020 for three years, he didn’t necessarily see himself in the chief position. “[Running] was a very last-minute thing,” he said. “To be completely honest, during my time...

The Ronj: Bates’ Living Room

September 18, 2019

Nestled on Frye Street is the Ronj, a student-run coffee shop which exemplifies Bates’ best qualities. The Ronj is a hidden gem of Bates that should be found early in a Bates career. It offers refuge to countless students meeting tutors, studying into the night (the Ronj is open till 1:00PM), or r...

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