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It’s an Illness not a Weakness: Mental Health and Athletes

November 20, 2019

Left untreated mental illnesses can lead to the ending of sports careers and even the end of life. According to a 2015 NCAA study, 30% of athletes self-reported experiencing some form of mental illness. And yet, athletes like Kelly Catlin, a silver-medalist in cycling at the 2016 Olympics, are stil...

On Commons and Mental Health

On Commons and Mental Health

Sarah McCarthy

September 20, 2017

Being back at Bates after a semester abroad brings up many things to re-adjust to, classes that actually require hard work, friends you have not seen for a year or so, but most prominently the readjustment to Commons. Whether it be Brad’s Eggs or Vegan Pad Thai, being away from Bates for even just the...

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