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It’s an Illness not a Weakness: Mental Health and Athletes

November 20, 2019

Left untreated mental illnesses can lead to the ending of sports careers and even the end of life. According to a 2015 NCAA study, 30% of athletes self-reported experiencing some form of mental illness. And yet, athletes like Kelly Catlin, a silver-medalist in cycling at the 2016 Olympics, are stil...

The Bates Edge: Recruiting against the NESCAC

October 23, 2019

Without fancy facilities, how does Athletics sell Bates to recruits? Over the last few years Bates has become an increasingly popular school to attend. The acceptance rate has dropped from 22.6 percent in 2016 to 12.1 percent in 2019, and it has risen in college rankings on sites such as US News ...

Hard Work Pays Off: New Emphasis on Student Workers in Athletics

Hard Work Pays Off: New Emphasis on Student Workers in Athletics

October 2, 2019

On-campus jobs are some of the best ways to get involved in the community at Bates, while also making a quick buck on the side. In fact, Bates is well known for being very generous with their financial aid giving – about half of the student body receives financial aid from the school. With th...

Bates Wins College Cup at Dempsey Challenge, Raises $21,916

Bates Wins College Cup at Dempsey Challenge, Raises $21,916

October 2, 2019

Sixty-nine Bates athletes and one staff member raised a combined $21,916 for the 2019 Dempsey Challenge, winning the College Cup. The Dempsey Challenge is an annual fundraising event that supports the Dempsey Center. Founded by Lewiston-native Patrick Dempsey, this organization assists cancer pati...

Kelsy Ross Leaves Bates Athletics

Vanessa Paolella, Editor in Chief

April 3, 2019

After nine years of coaching Bates Women’s Soccer, eight as the head coach, Kelsy Ross has left Bates athletics. This decision comes after rising tensions and declining team performance over the past few years, culminating in a disappointing 2018 season record. Read More »...

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