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Pete Intrigues Exhausted Voters

With the 2020 Elections right around the corner, the Democratic primary is heating up. Lesser known candidates like Tim Ryan and Seth Moulton have dropped out, while other candidates like Kamala Harris focus their resources on Iowa to keep their campaigns afloat. We’ve seen everything from Medicare For All to mandatory gun buyback programs to […]


A Coward’s Retreat

A couple of weeks ago, President Donald Trump announced that he would pull U.S. troops out of northeast Syria, the previous epicenter of Islamic State’s (IS) extremist caliphate that managed to take over large portions of Syria and Iraq. The U.S. military stressed long ago that IS was not “defeated” and that thousands of ex-fighters […]


Maine’s Bane: Internet Access

As college students, we all have a substantial investment in the internet. From everything from finishing that paper exactly two minutes before the submission tab closes on Lyceum to blasting Lizzo on Spotify at 1:00am on Saturday nights. The internet has made our large and diverse world so much smaller, with friends being able to […]