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How the Midwest is Dealing with COVID-19

April 13, 2020

As of April 11, 2020 there have been almost 500,00 confirmed cases of COVID-19 according to the CDC website as well as over 18,00 deaths. In the state of Indiana where my brother, Trevor Boyle, works as an ER nurse there have been over 7,00 positive cases and over 300 deaths according to the Indiana...

Do-It-Yourself Face Oil

Eleanor Boyle, Managing Arts & Leisure Editor

April 13, 2020

Something else one may pick up while being quarantined is focusing on personal growth, mental health, and finding healthy habits. Self-care and self-love is so important during these stressful, confusing times and a great way to take a break from this is giving yourself a much needed stress relieving...

Things to Bake While in Quarantine

Eleanor Boyle, Managing Arts & Leisure Editor

March 27, 2020

Sitting at home with nothing to do can inspire people to take up some hobbies or activities that they may not be able to do during the busy school year. One of these hobbies is cooking. However, with quarantine becoming the new normal it may be hard for people to get out and go to the store to pick...

Stupid F*cking Bird Review

Eleanor Boyle, Managing Arts & Leisure Editor

March 11, 2020

Where are you right now? In a dorm trying to occupy your time before doing homework? In the den late at night eating mozzarella sticks and wondering what this play was about? At the very least, we are here, right now, together, right? Well, being present and aware of what’s going on around you as...

More than Just a Conversation: Review of Who Will Sing for Lena?

Eleanor Boyle, Managing Arts & Leisure Editor

February 26, 2020

content warning: discussion of rape and sexual assault “He raped me. He raped me. He raped.” These lines are repeated throughout the short play “Who Will Sing For Lena?” which was presented February 12th at Bates College. The play relays the story of Lena Mae Baker, the only woman to be exe...

Bobcats Sweep WPI Invitational

Eleanor Boyle, Managing Arts & Leisure Editor

February 6, 2020

The Bates Swim and Dive team competed in the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) meet this past weekend, marking the beginning of their championship season. The men and women both saw impressive time drops and dives, leading both teams to victory. The WPI meet is the final meet for swimmers before th...

Track and Field Season Highlights: The Story So Far

Eleanor Boyle, Managing Arts & Leisure Editor

January 22, 2020

Major winter storms with freezing temperatures have al- ready swept across campus mak- ing it almost impossible to want to go out and enjoy it the win- ter. However, the weather has not stopped the Bates Track and Field teams as you can still see them running around the col- lege as they begin thei...

It’s an Illness not a Weakness: Mental Health and Athletes

November 20, 2019

Left untreated mental illnesses can lead to the ending of sports careers and even the end of life. According to a 2015 NCAA study, 30% of athletes self-reported experiencing some form of mental illness. And yet, athletes like Kelly Catlin, a silver-medalist in cycling at the 2016 Olympics, are stil...

Crew End of Season Wrap Up

Crew End of Season Wrap Up

November 6, 2019

Although the recent weather has indicated that winter is indeed coming, the colder temperatures have not cooled down the excitement surrounding the Bates Men’s and Women’s rowing teams. A few Sundays ago, men and women competed in the historic Head of Charles Regatta, which have been occurri...

Men’s Soccer Gears Up for Postseason

October 23, 2019

As the leaves have started to fall all around campus, that is the cue that the fall sports season only has a few weeks left. At this point in the season, fall teams are working hard to either finish their season on a high note or work towards the NESCAC championship. Off to their best start since...

First Years Guide Tennis to Hot Start

October 2, 2019

As the fall sports season gets under way, many Bates teams have already played several games even though classes have only been in session for three weeks. Bates Men’s and Women’s tennis are no exception, and this year both teams have already achieved something by bringing in six men and six...

Bates Tennis Optimizes Short-Term for Success

May 1, 2019

Being a student athlete at a rigorous institution such as Bates is already a struggle in itself. It sometimes feels as if balancing sleep, studying, practice, and eating can be an impossible feat. Now imagine being a student athlete whose season runs throughout the entire school year. One has to be con...

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