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Daniel Oyolu emanates preppy-dressy-casual in Cat Country


When any college student wakes up in the morning, it’s fair to say that blazers and button-down shirts are not the go-to fashion choice. For Daniel Oyolu, however, sporting this attire is part of his everyday life at Bates. IMG_0628

Like many lovers of the fashion world, Oyolu found his sense of style developing during his high school years. Once his friends started adopting a casual yet sophisticated look, Oyolu thought, “Why not?” and started sporting a preppy and dressy style occasionally at school. It was not until sometime last year that this Batesie decided to make this look more frequent.

“I wanted to make my dressy style be my everyday style, or almost everyday,” states Oyolu.

However, due to the drastic change in temperature between his home state of Texas and Maine, Oyolu had to modify his style to fit the cold climate. Before Bates, he would often wear simple clothing, such as a polo and a pair of jeans or khakis. Now, Oyolu has incorporated into his style more layers and winter accessories, such as gloves and scarves, to spice up each outfit. He enjoys experimenting with different patterns and sweaters on top of each other.

“You can always survive the winter in style,” states Oyolu.

The sophomore from Texas does not ignore his southern roots. On special occasions, he sometimes wears pastel colors or a vest to “put a southern feel in the outfit.”

“Usually I wear a necklace, fitted hats, or other little accessories to represent where I’m from and my culture,” states Oyolu.

Oyolu dresses the way he does not only for functional purposes in regard to the weather but also to express himself and his culture.

“I feel comfortable when I wear formal clothing,” says the Batesie. “I like to dress to impress.”

Oyolu’s fashion idols of the celebrity world are Jay-Z, Kanye West, and GQ Models.

“I really appreciate their creativity,” he explains. “They are constantly pushing the envelope and incorporating new styles and aspects into their styles in order to look smooth and suave.”

As for every day inspirations, this Bobcat looks to his friends back home and his fellow Texan Andrew Carranco ’14.

“My friends like to mix their different cultural identities into their outfits to express who they are.”

Oyolu’s fashion must-haves are blazers.

“They really define your outfit,” says Oyolu, “and can make a statement depending on how you wear them.”

Oyolu looks for new additions to his wardrobe at Banana Republic, Forever 21, Macy’s, and thrift stores.

The Texas native believes changes in his style in the future are inevitable.

“I think my fashion style will evolve as I incorporate new experiences into the way I dress,” says Oyolu.

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