In Sanders We Trust?

Miles Nabritt, Managing Forum Editor

The Democratic nominations for the 2020 presidential election are in full swing now. Not only has it been an absolute mess but many believe for a long time that there is no clear candidate to win. Until now, Bernie Sanders has been in the midst of allegations and criticism by fellow Democratic competitors such as Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. Sanders is regarded as a passionate leader who is strongly against the power that corporations and other bureaucratic institutions have throughout the country. Many believe that Mr. Sanders and his affiliation as a Democratic Socialist is not enough to appeal to the majority of voters let alone win the Democratic nomination. However, according to recent polls, people now might have a change in heart. Over the past few weeks, Sanders has made leaps and bounds not only in terms of national polls but public appeal as well. As the country continues to follow the Democratic nomination race with anticipation, let’s analyze the astonishing rise of Bernie Sanders.

            Democratic Socialism? Yes, Mr. Sanders identifies himself as a democratic socialist. For a long time this was a subject of controversy and division amongst Democrats as it separated moderates from far-leftists. However, it seems as though voters have embraced Sanders and have looked past the disputed “Democratic Socialism”, and focused on voting for the right candidate. Having just narrowly lost the highly disputed Iowa caucus to Pete Buttigieg, Sanders has had impressive results with victories in the New Hampshire primary two weeks ago and now in the Nevada caucus. Against all odds and predictions, political analysts and newspapers around the country are now picking Sanders to win the Democratic nomination. It is amazing to witness a candidate such as Mr. Sanders, who has struggled to be a front runner in several polls across the country, to finally be succeeding at such a high level. But why is Sanders succeeding so much right now?

            First, the New Hampshire primary, was crucial for Sanders to win. In Iowa, after a bizarre situation with the voter turnout, Sanders saw his campaign lose to Buttigieg by .2% at an even 26%. Similarly, in 2016, Sanders was in the mix of competitive races with Hillary Clinton but was unable to surpass her in the majority of the primaries and caucuses. Despite winning the New Hampshire primary in 2016, in fact, Sanders was unable to continue his momentum in other highly contested states. However, with this new election season, Sanders looks to be making his stand and is making substantial strides towards the Democratic nomination. With the New Hampshire primary, Sanders overcame Buttigieg to take the state by 26% to 24%. When Sanders won the primary, there was an automatic surge in national survey polls for his campaign. According to national surveys, Sanders, in a hypothetical general election, is beating Trump by 49.3% to 45%. In comparison to other Democratic nominees, no one has that substantial of a lead over Trump other than Sanders. With national polls like these supporting Sanders, many may believe that Sanders is the right candidate to take on Trump in November. But as we all should know, polls can be deceiving.

            The 2020 election in November will be significant for many reasons as we brace for more historic moments in our nation’s history. If there is anything that the 2016 election has taught us is to expect the unexpected. Donald Trump’s surprise victory over Hillary Clinton ushered in a new age of politics for the country and for the rest of the world. Over the past four years, we have seen a rise in polarization, hate, and fear-mongering in several influential institutions and social groups. Trump has become a catalyst for immense internal conflict within our country and external conflict amongst other countries. Our reputation as a country has been severely damaged by the antagonism that we have spread throughout the world. Many people believe that some of the consequences that have arisen from the Trump presidency will be irreversible. For politicians such as Bernie Sanders, he still has hope that a youth inspired revolution can overcome such strenuous odds. Only time will tell.