The Bates Student

Whose Perspective?: A Critique of The Bates Student Reporting

October 2, 2019

The article “Bates Perspective on Hong Kong” (which I will refer to as “Perspective”), featured in the last issue of The Bates Student, raises critical concerns about objectivity and integrity through biased rhetoric which overgeneralized, misinformed, and misrepresented its subject matter. By ...

What’s up with Hong Kong? Students Share Insight on Living with Protests

September 18, 2019

Over the summer, the world has watched as Hong Kong continues to protest for its freedom. Marches on the street. Sit-ins in the airport. Lennon walls. Vandalism. These are just a few of the ways Hong Kongers have fought to have their voices heard. Yet, while these issues can seem far removed from u...

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