The Bates Student

Bye, Bye Shane Bouchard!

March 20, 2019

CW: Racism On Friday, March 8th the Mayor of Lewiston, Shane Bouchard, resigned amid a scandal arising from racist text messages he sent to his mistress, as well as allegations of having a hand in leaking mayoral election opponent Ben Chin’s emails to the Maine Examiner in 2017. In the text m...

Social Movements

January 30, 2019

As men, there is no question that we need to be talking about toxic masculinity, confronting its harmful influence within ourselves, and striving to be better to those around us. These conversations both with others and within ourselves are necessary, but difficult, as we are compelled to reflect on...

When Hate Hits Home

November 7, 2018

Last Saturday morning, I got a wakeup call that I was not prepared for. I received a notification on my phone that there was a shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue, just a few blocks away from my house in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I had to call my mother to make sure that she was alright and that she...

Tax Breaks for Amazon Represent Dangerous Trend

Tax Breaks for Amazon Represent Dangerous Trend

February 6, 2018

When we think of Amazon, most of us picture buying something from the internet and going to pick it up a few days later at Post and Print. But Amazon has expanded far beyond the realm of a simple internet retailer. It has become a corporate giant on the level of Facebook, Google, and Apple. It has become...

Defend the Right to Protest!

Defend the Right to Protest!

January 17, 2018

What would the world be like if student protests never happened? What would the sixties be if students weren’t out protesting the Vietnam War? Or if students didn’t fight for their right to free speech at Berkeley? We would most certainly be living in a different world. We might still have segregat...

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