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Using Coronavirus To Stigmatizes Asian Bodies

Kyle Larry, Managing Forum Editor

March 11, 2020

Recently, the rapid and global outbreak of Coronavirus has caught the attention of many. However, this fear of getting sick has turned into a fear of Asian bodies. And Bates is not exempted from this level of discrimination. I sat down with a Bates student from China to give her a platform and talk...

Thesis Spotlight: Ursula Rall

Kyle Larry, Managing Forum Editor

February 26, 2020

A new addition to the Forum section of the Bates Student is called “Thesis Spotlight”, and in these types of articles, I hope to use my platform to highlight the incredible research Bates students are conducting their senior years. I hope that this will not only motivate seniors to continue the...

A Hot Take on Valentine’s Day

Kyle Larry, Managing Forum Editor

February 5, 2020

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, I wanted to take this time to assess the feeling the Bates community has towards the holiday. Although I sampled a small population of Bates students, I think their responses to the question, “what does Valentine’s Day mean to you”, raised some concerns th...

What Does MLK Day Mean to You?

Kyle Larry, Managing Forum Editor

January 22, 2020

This past Monday, January 20, 2020, Bates College celebrated MLK Day through various workshops and performances. This MLK Day was title “From the Ground Up: Inequity, Bias, Privilege, Structure, and Death.” And instead of talking about my own experience, I thought it would be best to use my platf...

We’re Here, We’re Queer

November 20, 2019

After years of individuals discriminating against me for identifying as queer, it felt refreshing to hear that in college I would finally be surrounded by individuals who will understand and accept me for who I am. Sadly, after coming to Bates College, I realized that was far from the truth. Instead...

The Myth of Self-Segregation

November 6, 2019

“The legal battle against segregation is won, but the community battle goes on.” This quote by Dorothy Day highlights how, legally, people have the ability to be in the same space with people who come from backgrounds different from their own; however, due to societal hierarchies not everyone has the ab...

Why The Word “Woke” Needs To Be Put To Rest

October 23, 2019

One of the most problematic parts about attending a liberal arts school is the arbitrary manner in which the term “woke” is used. People use the term in their everyday language because it’s one of those buzzwords that indicates a person is “down for the cause.” But, in my opinion, I believ...

Privilege vs Power

October 2, 2019

One of the main takeaways I gathered from the Kiese Laymon speech on Sept. 26 was this idea of “luck,” and how White people assume that the only reason a Black person could be successful is by ‘luck.” In their minds, it would be absurd for a Black person to attain success by means of an earnest ...

Leave Your Stereotypes at the Door

September 18, 2019

Imagine this! An eighteen-year-old, gay, African American male from the Southside of Chicago leaves his hometown to seek out what he was led to believe a “better education.” The only problem is that this education comes with a price: he has to overcome preconceived notions people have about him b...

Happy Endings

May 1, 2019

Can you believe that it’s the end of the school year? I know that I sure can’t! I don’t think I only speak for myself when I say that I didn’t think I would make it to the end. After much reflection on the events that occurred this year, I have come to the conclusion that… wait for it… ...

Interracial Relationships: It’s Complicated

April 3, 2019

By now, I am confident that everyone has seen Jordan Peele’s “Get Out.” Outside of the film insinuating that being in an interracial relationship could lead you to imminent death with your organs being implanted into white people, it was a realistic take on how controversial engaging in an interrac...

Surviving March Madness

March 20, 2019

If you were to go around and ask a dozen of random Bates student what is the hardest month in the school year, I guarantee you that most of them would say March. Between the weather rapidly changing from a snowy nightmare to a sunny paradise, and professors handing out assignments with a very short timel...

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