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Goldman Sachs Comes to Bates

Many consider Goldman Sachs to be the most powerful and influential investment banking company in the US, if not the world. The multinational company as of 2018 has a revenue of $36.62 billion, has $1.542 trillion assets under management, and employs around 36,600 people. On Saturday, April 27, six Bates alumni working at Goldman Sachs […]


Street Explains the Difference Between “Me” and “Not Me”

On Thursday March 28th, Dr. Sharon Street of New York University came to campus to give a talk on metaethics, titled: “On Recognizing Oneself in Others: A Meditation-Based Response to Mackie’s Argument from Queerness.” In her talk, Street gleaned insights from Eastern Meditative traditions that emphasize the thin separations between the self and others to […]


How Gender, Race, and Geography Play a Role in Sentencing

On Monday January 21, Chad Posick, a Criminal Justice and Criminology professor at Georgia Southern University held a lecture as part of the MLK Day events program called “At the Intersection of Race, Gender and Geography: Criminal Justice Sentencing in the United States.” Posick is situated in Statesboro, Georgia— a small, rural town outside of […]