Admissions Discusses Incoming Class of 2023

The Bates Student sat down with the Dean of Admission and Financial Aid, Leigh Weisenburger on Friday, March 15 to discuss the incoming Bates class of 2023. The next morning, regular decision candidates were notified with their admission decisions. The 2023 applicant pool is another record-breaking pool, and Weisenburger was happy to share her thoughts […]

Rising Tuition Incites Petition

On Tuesday, April 23rd, Bates Students and families received an email from President Clayton Spencer concerning tuition for the upcoming 2019-2020 year. Bate’s single fee will total the large sum of 71,388 dollars, an increase of 2,370 dollars over last year’s total price. The tuition hike is not unique to this specific academic year. The […]