Take this Survey to Find your True Love at Bates

Cam Anderson, Contributing Writer

The time has come for you to pull the prospect of true love off the long-neglected backburner of life. Datamatch has come to Bates, it has come with free food, and it is available from now until Feb. 14. 

What is Datamatch?

Datamatch is, as stated on their website, “a free matchmaking service created for college students by college students to find true love.” 

Created by Harvard students in 1994, Datamatch — and the student organization behind it — offers their free service each year near Valentines day. This year, 31 colleges and universities are participating. These schools mostly include larger universities, like the University of California and Ivy League campuses, however, many smaller colleges like the Claremont Colleges and NESCACs also take part. 

How does it work?

Datamatch Website / Screenshot

Students take the Datamatch survey between the dates of Feb. 7-14 on the website datamatch.me. Students can sign in using their Bates google account after clicking “Find your true love” on the homepage.

The survey is a collection of 17 funny, student-written, Bates specific questions that match people together based on, say, your favorite place to study on campus, what your Lake Andrews spirit animal is, or what’s your response to a “we need to talk” text. All answers are invaluable for the Datamatch algorithm to determine your deepest desires and churn out some matches.

Although Datamatch guarantees at least a few matches for each person, there’s no obligation to match with anyone if you don’t feel like it. But, if two people match with each other, they can chat and maybe set up a date or meeting. As the site says, “this is primarily meant to be humorous and casual…there’s always a chance of finding a lasting relationship.” 

For people already in a romantic relationship, there is an option to look for platonic connections. The site is inclusive of all gender identities and romantic preferences. And if the prospect of true love wasn’t enough for you, Datamatch now promises free food — five dollars per person through the app Snackpass — to each couple.

Enough said. Take the survey at datamatch.me before Sunday to meet your match. Best of luck, and see you on the other side.