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President Clayton Spencer Voices Her Vision for 2018-19 and Beyond

September is always a hectic month at Bates College. New and returning students are settling into their dorms, classes, sports, and clubs. Faculty and staff are prepping for courses and campus events. Ultimately, everybody is transitioning from the relaxing summer months to a bustling start to the fall semester.

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PLOTting for a Sustainable Future

Chances are, if you’ve visited the vegan or salad bar in Commons since classes have started, you’ve been fortunate enough to sample produce from the newly instated Bates Garden. Located just west of campus off Russell Street, it’s a quick walk to the 1.6-acre plot. In one year, the garden has gone from an ambitious idea to an impressive reality. Nell Houde ‘18 worked all of last year to establish the Bates Garden and create the Bates Garden Club, PLOT.

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Foreign Language T.A. Spotlight: Alina Popova

Last year, The Student ran a column highlighting the invaluable work done by foreign language teaching assistants. This week I spoke to Alina Popova, the new teaching assistant for the Russian department.

When learning a difficult language like Russian, students stress the importance of a teaching assistant in the foreign language learning experience.

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Commons Napkin Board Artist Eludes All

If you’ve ever found yourself shuffling through the dish return line amidst the post-12 o’clock lunch rush—AKA the great exeunt of Commons—you’ve probably entertained yourself by reading the fresh and quirky “Napkin Board” along the wall.

Cheryl Lacey, head of dining operations at the college, sat down to talk with The Bates Student about the job of the elusive Napkin Board Correspondent who writes the creative responses.

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There’s Something About Rom Coms

On Wednesday Sept. 13, 2018, Professors Sue Langdon of the Psychology Department and Josh Rubin of the Anthropology Department held a lunch discussion centering on gender roles and sexual violence in romantic comedies, or “rom coms.”

The discussion is the first in a year-long grant series of monthly lunches coordinated by Bates Alumna Sadie James ‘17, who currently works as a project coordinator for the Bates Department of Justice and Office of Violence against Women campus program.

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Mock Campaigns Kick Off at Bates

At noon on Wednesday, Sept. 12, students approached Commons to find it transformed. A podium, an American flag, and a golden retriever replaced the typical spattering of penny boards and scooters. Max Gardner ‘20 stood at the center of the display, announcing his intention to run as a Democratic candidate for President as part of Associate Professor of Rhetoric, Film, and Screen Studies Stephanie Kelley-Romano’s course “Presidential Campaign Rhetoric.”

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80s: Do the Right Thing

Since the moment I stepped on campus as a first-year, the 80s dance was instantly infamous amongst current students. “80s Weekend” is, for many first-years, the first big initiation into the party life at Bates. We all can recount our AESOP leaders making small talk during our trips and hyping up the first big dance of the year. 80s has always had a kind of forbidden veneer to it. It is the biggest event put on by Bates that hosts the most debauchery per square centimeter.

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Kaepernick and Capitalism

For those who have somehow missed the headlines from the past couple of weeks, Nike’s new campaign honoring its 30th anniversary of their slogan — “Just Do It” — features Colin Kaepernick, a former NFL quarterback infamous for kneeling during the national anthem in order to protest racism, police brutality, and a nation that does not represent all people equally. Kaepernick is the face of this campaign; his ad includes his face along with the statement: “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.”

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The Power of Separation

“The legal battle against segregation is won, but the community battle goes on.” This quote by Dorothy Day highlights how, legally, people have the ability to be in the same space with people who come from backgrounds different from their own. However, due to societal hierarchies, not everyone has the ability to interact in the same way in the same space. This can even be seen at a “welcoming” campus such as Bates College.

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Republicanism Under Trump

With President Trump in office, it does not get better until it gets worse. Every time we find ourselves thinking the apogee of indecency, hotheadedness, and disregard for the truth has been reached, Mr. Trump rises to the challenge and proves us wrong.

While the mainstream GOP leaders would certainly prefer to have someone other than Trump in the White House, they have long realized that forgoing the temptation of holding POTUS’ feet to the fire pays extraordinary political dividends.

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