Furthermore, single mothers apparently should have known better and poor mothers routinely face cuts to welfare. Face it, these are calls for married white women to have more babies.

At best, it’s sexist, racist, and classist. At worst, the calls for women to have more babies is a final stop gap effort to “Make America Great Again” by delaying the inevitable majority of children born in America to be minorities. (Actually, that happened just last year for the first time.)

Fifth, if you really want women to have more babies, catch up to the rest of the developed world. Currently, America is one of four countries without paid maternity leave. The other countries? Swaziland, Lesotho and Papua New Guinea. Paid parental leave has been linked to higher birth rates, greater economic opportunities for women and families and greater equality between men and women. While we’re at it, guarantee health care for all, educational funding, environmental protection, and early childhood education and care. Rather than acting in the interest of big businesses, act in the interest of women and their families. Make the U.S. an inviting place to have a family and then maybe, more women will feel comfortable having a child in the U.S.

But really, Speaker and Governor, stop telling women to have babies. Catch up to the modern world and realize that women are people, not birthing machines. It’s not Brave New World, it’s 2018.