The small but mighty ski resort of Lost Valley is an important part of many students’ non-academic Bates experience and on Saturday night students flooded to the resort for a night of music and winter activity. Bates rented out the entire resort and provided amazing discounts for students to more easily enjoy activities such as skiing and tubing. The event was a collaborative effort across many different clubs and entities within the college including Campus Life, Outing Club, Chase Hall Programming Board, Student Government, Bates Musicians’ Unions, and the Senior Class Co-Presidents.

The student body that attended, which was upwards of 450 people, enjoyed the night and appreciated the efforts of all parties involved in putting on the event. Thorn Merrill ’18, Bates Outing Club president and avid Lost Valley goer, was a supporter of the event both through the Outing Club as well as out of personal interest. While on the chairlift Merrill excitedly proclaimed, “the Lost Valley Takeover is one of the coolest events that Bates has ever thrown. So many people are here and everyone is having an amazing time!”

Two school buses were used to transport event-goers to and from Lost Valley, coming and going every 15 minutes. Not only did this give everybody the opportunity to attend for as long as they liked, but also the buses also provided an atmosphere to chat with friends and get even more excited about the night’s activities before arriving to the venue. And once there, students had an endless stream of things to do. Skiing and rentals were all free, which many students took advantage of and hit the lifts for some laps on great snow despite the recent spring-like weather. There were also discounts on food and drinks as well as free tubing. And to bring all of the festivities together, a great lineup of many Bates student-bands took to the stage to play for their classmates. Moon Daddy, Sexy Party, Lewiston Variety, Smoked Gouda, and Cold Fish all performed for swathes of excited students and a roaring bonfire was made outside for people to enjoy the fresh air without getting cold.

For such a big lineup of activities, Lost Valley was a perfect venue for students to enjoy all of the night’s offerings with ease. The lodge, where drinks, food, and music were hosted, sits perfectly at the base of both the ski trails and tubing hill. It was easy to transition from skiing to tubing to dancing without losing much time, allowing students to capitalize on all of the fun. And because such a wide range of activities were provided, the event was not ski-specific, which opened it to a much larger demographic of students and allowed everyone to enjoy the evening.

Sam Pierce ’19 reiterated the same kind of excitement as Merrill had earlier in the evening, saying, “this should happen every year!”

The day after the event, Danielle Fournier ’18 noted the inclusiveness of the takeover stating, “There was something for everyone, from music and dancing to skiing and tubing.” And speaking to in the same vein as both Merrill and Pierce, Fournier excitedly said that the event was, “probably the best party Bates has ever thrown!” Overall, the event was a big hit among attendees and provided a great opportunity for all students to find some alternative fun at Lost Valley on their Saturday night.