As a second-semester senior, I often find myself yearning for food outside of Commons, yet also hoping to stay in my pajamas. Luckily for all of us Bates students, Lewiston is home to more than 20 restaurants, many of whom offer takeout or delivery. For your convenience, I have here ranked the top 4 options for a lazy student desirous of a quick bite. Here’s my opinion on the best takeout in town:

1. Mother India

This Lewiston staple has been the recipient of many a grateful phone call on weekend nights, when I’m not feeling corn dogs, chicken patties, or carbonara. Serving up basics like Chicken Tikka Masala and garlic naan, the pangs of hunger are always quelled by a quick visit to the Lisbon St establishment. All entrees are served with rice, so you know you’re getting a full meal. This place also gets top ranking due to their wide variety of vegetarian and gluten-free options; Mother India easily accommodates those dietary restrictions, providing healthy options for all hungry people.

2. Pure Thai

Coming in second is Pure Thai, located at the end of College St. This Asian fusion restaurant offers both takeout and delivery: a dangerously convenient option for readers without transportation. Having ordered from here numerous times, I can confidently say that Pure Thai’s lunch special is the most magical food deal on the planet: a full entree and appetizer for $6.99 (or $7.99 if you get shrimp or beef), served every day 11am-3pm. Contributing to the magic is that the operator always overestimates the time necessary to prepare the food. Often frustrated by the usual 40-minute wait time, I noticed that my food regularly arrives 10-15 minutes early! The Pad Thai is a generous portion of noodles with egg, sprouts, peanuts, chives, and your meat/vegetable of choice, while the Basil Fried Rice lives up to its warning of “very spicy.” All in all, an excellent option replete with heaping dishes of noodles, spice, and good service.

3. Kim’s Kitchen

A Bates classic, this convenience store-turned-takeout place quickly realized a potential market for takeout food and capitalized on the hungry college student population right next door. My freshman year, Kim’s Kitchen was simply known as Lewiston Variety; since then, Kim and her Kitchen have risen to Bates fame via her popular and quick fried rice and sushi options. Included here simply due to the impact Kim’s has on Bates (see “Kims: Praise in 9 parts” by Nico Lemus, published in 2016 for more information), I personally do not find the food to possess a magical quality warranting its popularity. However, Kim’s still remains in the top three due to ease of access and friendliness of employees. Whatever Kim’s lacks in flavor is made up in charm.

4. Bua Thai

Located across from Hannaford’s on Sabattus St, Bua Thai confers a hassle-free dining experience. Offering takeout and sit-down eating, I used to frequent this restaurant during my first two years at Bates; my sister, Becky Dobbin ’16, took me here while we were on the hunt for sushi, and I have been loyal ever since. The restaurant sells pan-Asian fare, ranging from Thai entrées like Red Curry to Japanese seaweed salad, and everything in between. Personal favorites include the decadent Bua Thai roll and the Spring Rolls. While away from the center of town and campus, this little spot is worth the drive!

There you have it: the best 4 options for dinner that you can eat in pajamas!