It was a packed weekend for both the men’s and women’s ice hockey teams, with games scheduled Friday night, January 19 through to Sunday, January 21.

The men’s team took a tough loss on Friday night vs. University of New England (UNE), with the final score a disappointing 9-3. Senior Nick Barker ’18 showed why he continues to lead the team in points, scoring the first goal for the ’Cats with an assist from first-year Ben Stratton ’21. Although the Bobcats dominated the game throughout all three periods, they made some tough mistakes that cost them a significant amount of goals late in the game.

The second goal for Bates was scored by Bob Xu ’19 and assisted by Max Watson ’18. The final goal for the Bobcats was scored by Barker and assisted by returning junior Ned Moreland ’19, making that seven points in the last three games for the senior captain.

“It was a hard loss. The team gave their all but we couldn’t get the result we wanted. We are going to take this loss and turn it into a positive,” said Brooks Clement ’21 after Friday’s game.

Looking to do just that, the Bobcats returned to home ice on Saturday night vs. Central Maine Community College (CMCC). Unfortunately they walked away with another loss, the final score being 9-6 in favor of CMCC. “The difference in the game was the first five minutes of the second period,” said Barker. “We let in some soft goals on blown coverages and didn’t bounce back. We fought hard down the stretch but it wasn’t enough in the end. Moving forward, we need to be more disciplined.”

After a long hiatus from the ice, the Lady ’Cats returned to home ice on Saturday afternoon vs. Stonehill. Bates walked away from the game with a win, and 10 goals to boot. The girls dominated the game, and had a flurry of goals scored by Brigid Quinn ’18, Victoria McGee ’20, Mary Stanton ’21, Emma Schiller ’18, Alice Pingeon ’20, Anastasia Leff ’19, and Emma Goff ’18. There is an impressive range of talent on this year’s team, including particularly strong showings from the first-year class. Sarah MacCormick ‘21, Stanton, and Brianna Karboski ’21 all have been vital in setting up plays, and are all-around strong additions to the team on and off the ice.

Sunday’s game ended in a similar fashion, with Bates walking away with another win 5-2 against MIT. McGee scored twice, Leff scored once and the girls rounded it out to five with one goal each for Pingeon and Lauren Foster ’18.

“I think the theme of this week was persistence,” said Maddie Murphy ’20. “Saturday, when we played Stonehill, we were up 5-0 at the end of the first period, but they caught up to us 6-5 at the end of the second. We took time between the second and third period to rejuvenate in the locker room and then persisted all the way from the first whistle of the period to the last whistle ending the game. Although the score of Sundays game was never as close as Saturday, the other team was fighting just as hard as we were, but we persisted and came out with a win in the end.”