The temperature is dropping and final exams are just around the corner. Naturally, many students across campus are tense and melancholic. This year the Chase Hall Committee looked to alleviate the stress of the last weeks of the semester with the first edition of what may become an annual tradition: Snow Ball Semi Formal Dance.

The dance featured two distinct venues, both of which were inside Chase Hall. Memorial Commons featured the main dance itself, while students looking for a more low-key atmosphere could head down to the Little Room. The lower venue featured a selection of beers and ciders for 21+ students and stacks of pizza for everyone.

Upstairs, the featured fare was more fitting for the semi-formal dress code. Food choices included a variety of cheeses and a chocolate fondue fountain. Adding to the holiday spirit, students could get a cup of hot chocolate.

The Logistics of Funk, a student ensemble with a retro bent, provided the music in Memorial Commons. The group played a variety of funk classics, including “I Want You Back” by the Jackson 5.

Owen Schmidt ’21, one of the percussionists for Logistics of Funk, said playing at Snow Ball was an extremely enjoyable experience, just as he says playing in the band has been all year.

“It’s my first year in Logistics of Funk, and it’s been great to learn from everyone else in the group. Everyone is so incredibly talented and skilled at their instruments,” said Schmidt.

The performance was just as enjoyable for many members of the audience as it was for the performers both. Zeke Smith ’19, who attended the dance, reported being blown away by the overall atmosphere.

“It was a super classy event. I’m really glad Bates added this to its repertoire for the coming years,” said Smith.

Schmidt also acknowledged that most of the audience seemed to be having a good time, and said that it helped to drive him and his band mates.

“The crowd energy was great, and we were really able to feed off of everything they were doing and have a really great time,” said Schmidt.

Snow Ball was organized by the Chase Hall Programming Board, which oversees a wide variety school-sponsored events for Bates students. Events range from weekly programming like the Village Club Series, to annual traditions like Gala. This year was the first time that the Programming Board had added a second school-wide formal in addition to Gala, which takes place in February. The Programming Board’s most recent larger event was this year’s Fall Concert.

Over the past year, the Chase Hall Programming Board has been pushing to increase the number and attendance of on-campus events available to students. The shift comes as a new city-wide “nuisance party” ordinance has been put into effect by Lewiston’s City Council to curtail large off-campus parties. Other new events that have been added this year include a series of events in 280 Underground on many Friday and Saturday nights.

Overall, students seemed to be excited about the addition of a second school-wide formal. Gabe Benson ’20, an attending student, thought the event overall offered a fun atmosphere. Benson summed up his experience in simple terms:

“It’s about friends. I got to spend time with friends.”


Funk and holiday festivities filled the night. OLIN CARTY/COURTESY PHOTO