Yes, there is still snow on the ground and that “last snowstorm of the year” may still be to come, but that does not mean you should not be excited for Short Term! The snow will go away eventually, the hammocks will come out, and next thing you know, everyone is playing Frisbee.

Save for those in Math Camp (good luck), you will have oodles of free time and since it will finally be nice enough to be outside, make the most of the outdoors. Climb Mt. David to watch the sunset (or sunrise), go for a run on the River Trail, walk to Dairy Joy, take a dip in the Puddle, join an intramural sports team, basically make use of the time we have when Maine has good weather.

There are also so many things outside of Bates or even Lewiston to try out with all this time. For those not afraid of heights or jumping off of bridges (I am not included in that), there is a bridge in Turner, ME near Nezinscot Farm that is made for bridge jumping. An even better idea is to let those who want to jump off a bridge go do their thing while you stay safe and sound and go to Nezinscot. Everyone wins.

Nezinscot is the best place for breakfast or brunch and it is the cutest little farm. They have all the animals you could possibly want to visit and they have the best food. Forage also has great food, and is closer so if you do not have a car then Forage is the way to go. Especially since in Short Term the area that is considered “walking distance” is tripled.

In Short Term, things come in twos. There is not one but two barbeques in the library quad and not one but two dances in the library arcade! First up is the Earth Day BBQ on Wednesday, May 3 then comes the Block Party BBQ on Saturday May 20. Both of them have everything you could possibly want from a BBQ, burgers (there better be Malibu burgers at one of them), live music, Frisbees, watermelon, free stuff, and hopefully good weather.

Are you a fan of decades dances? Perfect, because the trifecta is completed with Millennium Dance on the first Saturday of short term (until the ’10s dance). Then on the last night of short term is Last Chance Dance which is the, yes, last chance to give a hug to everyone you’ve made any type of contact with over the past year.

Short Term is also a great time to try new things. You could get a radio show and since it’s Short Term, a 2:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. slot would actually be fun. You could take a Short Term Enrichment Program (STEP) or even teach one. You could join the musical. It is High School Musical this year so come on, you have to join. Then you get to be in the dirty show. Everyone wins again. This year’s Shakespeare on the Puddle will be Hamlet, another theater piece to possibly get involved in.

Short Term is the time to do the things you did not have time to do during the semester but always wanted to do. Just enjoy yourself.