At this point in the academic year, students may feel that prospects for a summer internship are dwindling. While Short Term approaches, students should not feel as if they are running out of time and resources to secure an internship for the coming summer.

Resources made available by the Bates Career Development Center indicate that many opportunities are still available for Bates students, and more are continuing to be uploaded regularly to the BCDC’s online resources. In fact, hundreds of internship opportunities are uploaded and posted to online resources such as Handshake and the Liberal Arts Career Network on a weekly basis.

The BCDC urges students to continue searching within these online resources as many internships are still available for students to apply to. While the Purposeful Work deadline to apply to opportunities with core employers has passed, many of the internship opportunities uploaded regularly to Handshake are not part of the Purposeful Work Internship program, and as a result are still open for application submissions.

For students who wish to participate in the Purposeful Work Internship program in some form, the deadline to apply for funding has not yet passed. Students have until April 9 to apply for funding through the Purposeful Work Internship program. This opportunity can be extremely attractive to companies who are looking to hire students but cannot provide a paid internship, as students can secure an unpaid internship but receive some funding through the BCDC’s program.

Another deadline to keep in mind approaches on April 3, when environmental internships will be posted. These internships are not exclusively open to Bates students majoring in Environmental Studies, and offer internships in various roles and facets of the environmental industry.

The Bates Career Development Center in recent years has worked to greatly increase the number of Bates students applying for and securing internship. Statistics provided by David McDonough, director of the BCDC, indicate that 80% of students participated in an internship in 2016, which saw two times the amount of students participated in internships in comparison to involvement five years ago (40%).

Securing an internship as an undergraduate is an important part of preparing students for professional life after Bates. Internships not only allow students to gain experience in a certain field or industry, but also build upon the education students receive at Bates, ultimately adding to the multidisciplinary and multifaceted education of Bates students.

For students who wish to understand what internship opportunities are still available for this coming summer, it is recommended that they make an appointment with the BCDC, or stop by during walk-in hours. For more information, students may visit the Bates Career Development website at Happy hunting!