Gala Review:

Ahh, Gala… What a wonderful way to end the horrific month of March. A Bates favorite by many of my friends, Gala is the classiest event on the Bates social calendar. As my last Gala came to an end last weekend, I decided to do a quick review for anyone who missed the event or wanted to revel in nostalgia for a little longer.


Ambience: 6/10

The ambience of Gala was rightfully dominated by the string lights that somehow made the Gray Cage a little less gray. Not too white, the lights provided an interesting yet satisfying setup for the Gala pictures we all can’t live without. As far as the Under the Sea theme goes, the wall decorations were very knock-off Disney, but I can’t complain because the lobster, clown fish, and flounder hats that the Bates Dining Staff were sporting were excellent. The photo booth and the funky hats really saved Gala 2k17 from being ordinary in my opinion. If the wall decorations stepped up the game a little bit more, I would give the ambience a higher review. Looking for some more creative liberty next time. Let’s get crazy Gala 2k18.


Food: 8/10

The theme of this year’s Gala food selection seemed to be dip and meat. Unfortunately for the vegans of Bates, the black bean dip was okay, but the steak and cheddar dip was frankly unbelievable. The gooey cheddar and hot and spicy flavors mixed in with smoky meat was everything I have ever desired in a dairy product. Personally, I prefer the dips paired with tortilla chips, but the mini baguettes also looked like a nice choice. Centering the app station was a grand meat contraption in which guests could grab shavings from. Not only was this meat incredibly juicy, it (wait for it) paired GREAT with the steak and cheddar dip. It’s almost like they were made for each other. Making a little nacho combination was more than gourmet. In terms of the other appetizers, I was less than impressed. The hush puppies were dry, the egg rolls had little to no flavor except for ginger, and I cannot tell you about the fancy Greek spinach filo pastry because I didn’t try it. But I heard that one was good. Moving to the post-meal stuff, the staple chocolate fountain carried the team. Unfortunately all of the chocolate covered strawberries were gone by the time I made my way to the dessert tables (that steak and cheddar went a long way, guys). Nevertheless, the ice cream cake and the Swedish Fish cupcakes were lifted up by the classic Gala chocolate fountain. Maybe I am just being nostalgic for Gala’s past, but the desserts definitely did not live up to the beignets of 2015’s A Night in New Orleans Gala. Overall, the melted dairy products of chocolate and cheddar quite literally took the cake, and for that I cannot complain.


Music: 6/10

The jazz ensemble swing dance playing brass instrument rocking music people in the main area killed it, which again is a Gala staple and truly no surprise. They made it simple yet entertaining: they gave us what we wanted, and they did it well. However, the “ratchet” room in Alumni was less than classic. The washed up (no pun intended) hits and lack of excitement in the crowd made for a subpar dance party. I would have enjoyed some experimentation, maybe some beats and a freestyle rap contest next time.



Wardrobe 7/10

As usual, I was more than impressed with the glamour of Bates students (sorry, I didn’t see any faculty there) all around me. I saw a few statement rompers which were very impressive, and some funky printed blazers that did not disappoint. At times I was in awe of those still wearing their heels as well. I have to say, though, in terms of wardrobe the theme was completely irrelevant. V disappointed I did not get the chance to see any shark girls (looking at you, Alexis).