As the semester comes to a close and the sun starts to come out, it is an important time for Bates students to choose the perfect burrow to finish up their final papers. Whether an academic building, a common room in a dorm, or the reflective Salter Room in the library, Bates has just about every study spot your heart desires. So, the moment you have been waiting for has now arrived: I have compiled a definitive list of the best spots on campus where you can study.

10. The Ronj

The Ronj has the aroma of coffee, the ambience of internet DIY decorations, and the attitude of a social activist. Whether you are looking to talk to your friends and pretend you are studying, or take Insta-worthy photos of the gorgeous shadows the uneven shades make when the sun hits through the windows, the Ronj is there for you. If you need a quiet place to do work BY YOURSELF and do not want to be judged for your lack of fashion sense, or your misconceptions about farmer’s markets, the Ronj is not the place for you. If you are interested in which outing club kids are dating and which are no longer friends, the Ronj is the place for you. All those first floor Ladd table people move to the Ronj after 8 pm. It is like an alternative Bachelor hotel for Bates students.

Pro Tip: Find access to every syllabus for every E.S. class on campus and navigate the times you come in based on the workload of those classes. You will find a much less crowded Ronj.

9. PGill Atrium

If you want a bizarre mix of class years who nonetheless wear bean boots and flannel, the Atrium is the perfect place for you. The Atrium is the best thing you can get to the ideal study room you never had in high school. Busy and loud for the five-minute passing periods between classes, the Atrium provides you with just enough distractions to finish your work during the day. Luckily, it is undeniably the best option to pull an all-nighter, as it has 24-hour access and comfy couches to sleep on. If you are looking for trees bigger than the ones that line the puddle, the Atrium is the place for you.

Pro Tip: Figure out your commons crush’s class schedule based on when they eat their meals. Sit with your back to the puddle and stare out so you can get a few extra moments of that special looking when they finish the intro class they are taking for a GEC they have no interest in.

8. Frank’s Lounge

Ah, the original new-dorm-study-lounge. If you want a modern layout and den delivery, Frank’s Lounge is a great spot to study. With a fireplace and private study rooms on the second floor, this 280 haven is much cozier than the sanitary dorm rooms you will find surrounding it. Excellent spot for those living in Rand or 280, not worth the walk if you live anywhere else.

7. OIE

No matter who you are you are always welcome at the OIE, as long as you are respectful. An eclectic mix of furniture and people, the OIE has never disappointed. If it gets too loud you can move to the pool tables in Chase or even the Den.

Pro Tip: Check your privilege at the door.

6. CHU

Since I have never studied here but have always lusted over the glossy windows and minimalist architecture, I have taken to two experts on the building, seniors Henry Baird and Austin Lee. Here is what they have to say about the much-anticipated study spaces of the new dorm:

“When I first stepped foot in the Chu Dormitory, I thought ‘Wow. What a dynamic new space that not only promotes synergistic workflow productivity, but also provides stunning views of the Bates campus and Lewiston at large.’ Sleek, state-of-the-art study rooms are just steps away from a restaurant-quality kitchen; feed your mind, and then your stomach! The fun, yet respectful group of diverse students will help transform this dormitory into a second home (well, minus Mr. Whiskers that is!) I mean, hey – it certainly is a great day to be a Bobcat!’” -Henry Baird ‘17

“It’s nice.” -Austin Lee, 2017

5. Ladd second floor, sofas up against the windows next to the tall plant and a lamp

Easily my favorite study spot on campus. You get the full effect: the nice plant thing, the nice lamp thing, the better than average view, and a sofa just uncomfortable enough that you cannot fall asleep while working. The only thing heard here is the rapid clicking on laptops – which at first might be intimidating, but serve as a great reminder of the mundane nature of the competition for survival in the workplace that awaits you for the rest of your life! If you are ever wondering what it’d be like to work in an office, try out one of the cubicles; the fluorescent lighting is a great introduction to the capitalist sellouts we will one day be. Truly, the only problem with this study spot is its inconsistent temperature. If you want to study in a sauna go there any time before two p.m. when the sun is out; if you want to freeze, sit next to a less than flattering window that has become a mirror without the sun) any time after six p.m. If you are truly looking for a place where there are no excuses not to be working, the Ladd second floor sofas up against the windows is the place for you.

Pro Tip: Cough to assert your dominance and glare unrequitedly at anyone who dares talk to their friends.

4. Olin classroom on the second floor, across from the women’s restroom

Come here past four p.m. and the place is yours. Just make sure there are no a cappella rehearsals scheduled that night.

3. Third floor Hedge

If you like good views, desks, sofas, and have friends, third floor Hedge is a nice spot to snag. Wake up early to get it on time and spread out so that no one else can join.

Pro Tip: Stream porn without headphones to get the random people who came in to study with you to leave.

2.  4th floor Roger Williams

Better views, big TVs – generally an upgrade from third floor Hedge. This space is for all those who like to live large and act bougie during their study time.

1. FSU Common Room

Without a doubt the absolute best place to study on campus. Multiple sofas, a piano, a full kitchen with a stove for home brewed tea, and the quietest hipsters you will ever meet. You will never get questioned in the most attractive and largest common room on Frye Street. This is what you always wanted the Ronj to be, except here you need to be your own barista.

Pro Tip: Pretend you live there.

Honorable Mentions:

Ladd basement, WGS study room in PGill, The Den, Computer Lab in Roger Williams, and that creepy basement room in PGrew.