Unbelievably, second semester is quickly approaching the home stretch. It is an exciting but stressful time with Short Term and summer just out-of-reach behind impending finals. While it is important to stay focused on the present semester, it is also necessary to look ahead and plan for summer. Often, everyone is so worried about what internship they’ll be involved in, where they’ll be travelling, who they’ll be seeing, and what they’ll be doing that they forget an integral component to their summer plans: summer funding.

Bates offers a variety of options for summer funding, and it’s easy to find one that fits your plans and needs.

Perhaps the most well-known source of funding is the Purposeful Work Internship Program which offers up to $4,000. To be eligible you do not need to have an internship with a Purposeful Work Core Employer, but you do need an internship offer. Although the initial deadline has already passed, there is a second deadline coming up on April 9. Go to the www.bates.edu/career and click on “Job Shadows & Internships” to find out more about Purposeful Work Funding.

The Harward Center also offers amazing opportunities for summer funding. The Harward Summer Civic Fellowships are open to anyone with an internship in the US or abroad. This fellowship requires a grant application, and is considered highly competitive. Those who receive the fellowship are awarded $4,000. The deadline to apply is Monday, March 27th.

The Harward Center also offers the Summer Community Work-Study Fellowships. This fellowship is available to those working for nonprofits on environmental or social issues within the US. Students must also qualify for the federal work-study program to be eligible to receive this fellowship. The deadline to apply was Wednesday, March 15th, but applications will be accepted until the funding is gone. To apply to either the Summer Community Work-Study Fellowships or the Harward Summer Civic Fellowships visit the Harward Center’s website and contact Peggy Rotundo (mrotundo@bates.edu).

Amongst many other responsibilities, Peggy Rotundo is Bates’ contact person for community-based non-profits. She helps students come up with a plan for the summer and formulate ideas for internships with local organizations. Ms. Rotundo was explicit, “I am here to help students figure out what they might want to do for the summer. They do not need to have a specific internship in mind when they come see me.”

In addition to the Purposeful Work Funding and the Harward Center, there are various miscellaneous funding opportunities offered by Bates. These include the Bouley Fund for Geology, C3 Undergraduate Fellowship, Hoffman Research Support Grant, Rawlings Grants for Math, STEM Faculty-Student Research Grants, Otis Fellowships, Phillips Student Fellowships, and Technos International Week in Japan. Furthermore, keep an eye out for professors looking for research assistants. History professor Joe Hall is offering an opportunity to earn up to $3,500 researching western Maine environmental and American Indian history. The deadline to apply for this position is Friday, March 17th.

Previous Bates students have received summer funding while working with organizations that include Maine Immigrant Refugee Services, School Square, Raise-Op Housing cooperative, Alaska Arts Southeast, the California Conference for Equality and Justice, and so many more. Josh Caldwell ‘19 interned with the Kennebec Land Trust this past summer and said, “The summer funding I received through Bates made the internship possible. I did not have to work another summer job and I could devote all my attention to the work I wanted to be doing with the Land Trust.”

It is important to note that all of the opportunities mentioned here do not even scratch the surface. There are so many opportunities for summer funding for Bates students who are involved with, and interested in, any and all kinds of fields. The Bates College website has a complete list of opportunities with all of their requirements. Just web search “Bates College Summer Funded Opportunities” and the first hit is the right page.