Since the removal of Keith Tannenbaum, it seems that Bates Campus Life has lost its taste for good parties. Rather than spending a little bit of money on things students might actually enjoy, Bates Campus Life has been hosting lackluster events that remind us exactly why off campus housing is necessary to have a good time on the weekends. While I love a good washed-up rapper and even wouldn’t mind a techno-synth-pop-nobody named after UMaine’s prized mascot, there are more efficient ways to get Bates students to spend their money. Bates students are pretty simple, and get even simpler on the weekends. The three things that get Bates students excited are food, alcohol, and dancing, hence why the Den is so successful, especially on the weekends. If the faculty on Bates Campus Life would recognize what I’m sure represented students argue for, the budget would be high enough in the future to get artists and performers students would actually pay $15-20 to attend. To fundraise for events like this, it would be as simple as the following scenario.

Bates could hire an average DJ (or a student volunteer) to play songs that everyone enjoys. The event could be held in a big space, like the Gray Cage or even the Silo. If Bates put in the extra money to buy a few kegs and wine or cider, security could check I.D.’s at the door and put wristbands around everyone who is 21+. Of course only these people would have access to the alcohol provided, but everyone at the event could have access to the pizza and other snacks near the alcohol. Bates Campus Life would have extra money from selling so many tickets costing around $5.

The success of an idea like this is extremely simple, seniors would be enticed to go for the “free” alcohol (free even though they paid the $5 entry fee). And if seniors are at an on campus event, monitored by security guards and other safety personnel, there will be no off-campus parties for underclassmen to wander off to.

There is no doubt in my mind that Bates Campus Life student representatives have already suggested this idea, since it is so simple and easy to execute. It is up to the Bates Campus Life faculty to spend money on events that Bates students would actually like attend.