Amidst the hype of the 51st Super Bowl on Sunday night, where the New England Patriots won by 34-28, it is important to remain focused on the politics that are affecting all of us. Given the new policies that President Trump is implementing, it is important to understand the point of view of the Republicans.

Molly Ryan ’17, the President of the Republican Party at Bates, shared some of her thoughts on Trump’s presidency thus far. It is critical to note that she is not speaking on behalf of all the Republicans at Bates; rather she is sharing her personal opinion.

Mariam Hayrapetyan: What is the agenda of the Republican Party at Bates right now?

Molly Ryan: The Bates Republicans’ mission this semester is to foster a bipartisan dialogue on campus, and to more importantly ensure that conservative voices are respectfully heard. We are currently in the process of putting together a couple of events with the goal of exposing the Bates campus to intelligent, moderate Republicans, while also facilitating conversations around partisan issues. We want people on the Bates campus to know that contrary to popular belief, Republicans do exist here, even if many of us are afraid to speak up due to our minority status on campus.  

MH: How do you feel about Trump’s appointees?

MR: Personally, I have issues with some of them, while I think others are perfectly qualified. Unfortunately presidents have a great amount of power when selecting their nominees, which I think is difficult for the public to understand. I think what we all must remember is that federal agency heads are not dictators, and states have a lot of power over many of their federal programs.

MH: It appears that the news sources are portraying Trump in negative ways and many are disappointed with him. As the Republican Party President, can you say a few things to dispel the notion that things are truly terrible?

MR: Obviously no one is going to deny that Trump has instituted some fairly radical policies in his first couple of weeks. However, I really push the general public – but more specifically, Bates students- to still give him an opportunity to govern. Every president deserves a chance and sometimes I think the media’s portrayal of Trump makes it extremely hard for him to be given any chance at all.

MH: What are your views on the immigration ban?

MR: I agree with the many federal court decisions that have ruled it unconstitutional.

If you are interested in attending the Republican Party meetings or are interested in learning more about what they do, contact Molly Ryan (