Art Crawl is a yearly event occuring all over campus that incorporates multiple types of art. It ranges from singing to dancing, theatre to visual art. I find this night to be special because as an Art & Visual Culture Studio major, I think it is important for other members of the Bates community to see what the artists are doing. I find that sharing art can benefit everyone; the artists get some feedback as well as non-artists can come in and experience something new.

Alanis Carmona ’18 said, “[b]eing a Biochemistry, pre-med student, my life has been made up of pure science; I see life through the eyes of medicine. Arts Crawl definitely opened by eyes to seeing the world in an artistic way. It was such a great experience that I’m definitely looking forward to next year!” It is always a pleasure to see students who are not used to seeing art through their lens come out of their comfort zone a bit to experience new things. Carmona was not the only non-art major student for students, teachers, alumni and members of the community were all there to appreciate and learn from our fellow artists.

This year was the first time there was an incorporation of a capella as well as animation. A capella has been a tradition at Bates for many years and while it is widely popular, incorporating it into the Bates Arts Crawl attracted more students to come in and experience the rest of Arts Crawl and all the wonderful things it had to offer. Animation is a new concentration of artwork that has been introduced this semester. It is led by Professor Carolina Gonzalez Valencia who is new to Bates. This type of art is focused on hand drawn pieces. Students during the event were in the animation studio demonstrating the importance of the art form.

All the art studios theses were open to the public in Olin. The works ranged from photography and graphic novels to classical painting. It was a great way for thesis students to get some feedback from the people coming in and reacting out to their work. Additionally, it is always great to see what our fellow Batesies are up to, for they have already been working on their projects for a semester and are beginning to start finalizing some pieces.

On the other hand, Chase Hall was filled with all the performance arts. There was a bit of a change this year, the performance artists decided to collaborate. As Riley Hopkins ’18 explained, “We ended up recruiting the ManOps, Bollywood, a scene from Exit the King, directed by Charlotte Cramer ’19, Rachel Boggia, the current Director of Dance and a professor in the Dance Department, to put together an improvisation score that included audience participation.” The Strange Bedfellow joined, as well as some talented singers and dancers of our community. It was a great show to watch.

“The arts are such an integral part of the Bates community, yet seem to get overlooked too often. This is why Arts Crawl is so important. Everyone who performed was outstanding, and I’m so proud of the way they all represented the arts.” Hopkins could not have said it better. I was and continue to be in amazement with the amount of talents Bates students have to offer.