BCSG discusses campus issues. JOHN NEUFELD/THE BATES STUDENT

BCSG discusses campus issues.

The Bates Student Government held their weekly Sunday meeting — open to all students — to discuss future goals and plans that will benefit the Bates community. The Student Government is attempting to improve relations between the security office and students through organized events. Given the success of the first event, which occurred in the fall of 2016, there is the incentive to organize a more interactive discussion with a friendly atmosphere so that students cease viewing security with animosity. It is further important to understand that security is required to report underage drinking, for it is their job; however, students are less likely to experience any consequences if they are respectful towards security. With the first event attracting about 24 students, security is rather excited for these events and would like to see more students attending.

The Student Government addressed the Health Center concerns that have been on students’ minds since September. Before the Student Government takes initiative on fixing the problems associated with the Health Center, such as waiting hours for a simple procedures or lacking walk-in hours, they must receive concrete details about what is working and what is not, and compare the old Health Center to the current one.

The issue of parking bans was introduced and will be discussed further with the committee responsible, which is headed by Griffin Golden ‘19. If a student’s car does not have a Bates College parking permit, then the only parking option is Downtown Lewiston, which is inconvenient for most students who are unable to park in the visitor parking lots or on the streets. The meeting concluded with the decision to speak to numerous clubs to see how the recent Presidential election has affected their mission and their future actions.

It is highly encouraged that students attend the Student Government meetings which happen every Sunday at 7pm in Hedge 106, for the President, Adedire Fakorede ’18 and Vice-President, Tyler Post ’18 want full transparency. Further, it gives students the opportunity to voice their concerns.