Are you looking to fund a community service opportunity, an event during a Bates break, or a weekend program? If so, the Student Funding Hub website was launched on January 9th to assist in making these kinds of programs realities.

Nicholas Dressler, the Assistant Director of Campus Life, has been instrumental in getting this program off the ground. Since filling the position in June 2016, he has both directly and indirectly advised student clubs and organizations on campus, including the Bates College Student Government and the Chase Hall Programming Board.

He created the Student Funding Hub based on student feedback. Students have said that finding funding for their student club and organization-led programming is very difficult. Now, every funding source is in one spot, organized into sections according to the idea a student has.

The ideas available for funding that students can apply for include additional club funding, on-campus programs during Bates’ breaks, student club-led events, community engagement and service programs, ideas for making Bates more sustainable and “green,” late-night weekend programs, and fun and safe events for students 21 and older at which alcohol is served.

The criteria to apply is different for every source and is dependent on what kind of program a student wants to fund. Who determines whether an idea will receive funding or not also varies among sources. All information is listed clearly on the website. Dressler exclaims, “The sky’s the limit! The website was put together to not only be a resource for funding sources, but also to stoke creativity. Depending on the idea, [students] may be able to apply for multiple funding sources if the idea meets each source’s criteria!”

Dressler also adds that “a good rule of thumb is to apply no later than two weeks prior to your intended event or program date — the more time you have in advance of your event, the better, as it allows for an application to be properly reviewed by the entity providing the fund.”

For more information or to apply for funding, the Student Funding Hub is available at