The language classes at Bates often have a Teacher’s Assistant who tend to be upperclassmen willing to help their classmates if they have any questions or problems regarding the various topics they are learning. Additionally, TAs sometime function as teachers by supervising a lesson or preparing agenda for a class.

The language TAs are not your typical Bates students: they have already graduated from an institution of higher education, and most reside outside of the United States. The language TAs make up an interesting group of individuals: recently graduated, but beginning to ferment a career in academia graduates and on the cusp of the stereotypical monotony of adulthood.

But the past experiences of TAs on campus are often un-probed by students on campus. Who are these individuals? What were their lives like? And how did they come to Bates? What we intend to do is answer these questions, and, through each interview, we will attempt to convey who these people are. Sometimes readers will get a good sense of a TA, while other times readers will be left as they were before. While we cannot say that we will do their stories justice, we hope to share some of the rich and interesting past experiences of the TAs on campus with our readers. Through these interviews we hope to not only inform you about who they are, but also give you a better picture of the world as a whole.

The interviews will be of a different format; they will not be edited for grammar or content. Their answers and narrative will be given verbatim, with all the grammatical errors and disorganized thoughts in plain view. Through this, we hope to convey to you a better sense of who they are through their own voices.

Unfortunately, due to limiting constraints, the interviews will be shortened from their actual length.