This one goes out to the small business starting, gun loving, border patrolling, abortion hating, death penalty loving conservatives. Where have you been? Where was your response to the DAPL, Flint Water Crisis, the global Syrian Refugee Crisis, Trump’s leaked videos addressing sexual assault, Clinton’s email scandal and our recent military action in Yemen? Where has your response the whole of the presidential election been? To Trump’s “tax-cutting” economic policies? To Clinton’s “student debt-cutting” redemption policies?

I have seen and heard snippets of intelligent discourse across CNN and Fox News. I have seen and heard snippets of intelligent discourse from the right in class, in Commons and on social media. I know that there have to be smarter conservatives than what the media is showing and what Trump is representing (if he is even representative of the conservative thought process). I know that Bates can often seem overwhelmingly liberal (as most college campuses seem), but based on actions, events and conversations I have witnessed and heard on campus, the conservative voice is being underrepresented within the Bates Student and other intellectual platforms. This is not acceptable. We need you. We need your voice if we are ever going to have an honest conversation.

If you are afraid of social repercussions or not being published, we can talk about ways to shield your identity. I am calling you, those who generally disagree with me, to stop shaking your heads and just write about it.