Darrius Campbell ’17

Lester H: Hilary, as of right now in this presidential debate you seem to be destroying Trump, how does this feel?

Hilary: It feels great to be the first woman to run for president and hopefully my gender covers some of my past mistakes and illegal activities.

Lester Holt: Trump, how does it feel to be owned by a woman in the 2016 presidential debate?

Trump: Well, you see the Wall will keep out illegals, I can end terrorism, and Vladimir Putin is my friend.

Lester: And ladies and gentlemen, these are the two candidates we chose to represent our country…smh.

Jacqueline Forney ’18

Following the vice-presidential debate last Tuesday night, I read an article on the Washington Post called, “The vice-presidential debate 2016, or the battle of the dads, recapped.” It was a comical spin on both the presidential and vice-presidential debates. Alexandra Petri, the author of the article, referred to the debate as a “parent-teacher conference” between Senator “America’s Stepdad” Kaine and Governor “America’s Father-in-Law” Pence because Hillary and Donald got into an argument and the people of America wanted to understand where they were coming from. The article sheds light on the overall divisiveness of the election particularly in each candidate’s presidential campaign rhetoric. So, if you’re looking for an entertaining read, I’d say go for it!

Austin Lee ’17

For those of you who didn’t watch, Senator Kaine and Governor Pence spent a substantial amount of the debate discussing foreign policy, social security, tax plans, and race relations.  In other words, it was super boring.  TV ratings for the debate were the lowest of any VP debate since 2000.  The Trump-Clinton debate on the other hand, was the most-watched in U.S. history.   It’s easier to watch candidates hurl personal insults at each other for 90 minutes than to go in-depth on public policy. People may not admit it, but they love the kind of gutter campaign Trump has run this year.  People don’t want a debate. They want a reality TV show.

Julia Panepinto ’19

The presidential debates so far did not tell me anything I didn’t already know. Trump obviously has no specific policy ideas while Hillary has concrete, detailed plans that will continue to move this country in the direction Obama began. In regards to the vice presidential debate, the uncontrolled and disrespectful manner of both candidates toward Elaine Quijano made the debate almost unbearable to watch. However, the inability of Pence to defend Trump when it came to his radical comments made it clear that the debates were going to do nothing more than help the democratic party. Ultimately, I have no idea how any thinking, non racist person could support the Trump-Pence ticket.