In addition to the beginning of the school year bringing numerous changes in regards to the new dorms, the new package center, and health center, the Student Body Government is also setting new goals and making new changes this year. In the words of Vice-President Tyler Post and President Adedire Fakorede “one of our priorities for this school year is to facilitate more frequent, higher quality interactions between the student body and BCSG in order to establish a stronger bond, more effectively and completely represent the diverse student interests on campus, and promote the best possible student experience.”

Fakorede and Post find it crucial that the there is a clear connection between the Student Government and student body and they will open and facilitate discussions, for they are “planning on hosting several events to facilitate conversation with the student body and increase awareness of the work that we do. Additionally, a BCSG social media presence is in the works.”

This goal has been in the works since last year and it is project that according to Tyler Post aims to “make sure that students are aware that they have a place to share their ideas, concerns, and interests, and that we will be there to listen and do all that we can to make sure that they are heard.”

For those interested in getting involved with the Student Government, “within the next month, elections will be held for all class representative positions. Additionally, in the upcoming weeks the Selections Committee will be seeking applicants for positions on a variety of student-faculty committees covering all areas of life at Bates. We are really looking forward to inviting new members into our ranks andĀ there are many great opportunities for students to get involvedĀ so keep your eyes open for notices in Bates Today and around campus!” Tyler Post stated.