Senior Jack Allard fires one of his 22 goals on the season. (John Neufeld/The Bates Student)

Senior Jack Allard fires one of his 22 goals on the season.
(John Neufeld/The Bates Student)

Senior Jack Allard was the hero in the men’s lacrosse team’s win on Wednesday against Keene State, as he has often been throughout his Bates career. In a rematch of their NCAA Tournament matchup last year, Allard scored with 17 seconds left and gave the men a 14-13 win. Allard, who scored four goals in the game and is tied for first on the team with 22 on the season, helped his teammates to their third consecutive win on Saturday, tallying one goal and two assists against Williams. In his four years on the Bates lacrosse team, Williams was the last NESCAC team Allard had yet to defeat.

I had a chance to meet with Allard on Sunday. After the first five minutes of interviewing him, it felt like a casual conversation. He’s very insightful and comes from a family who prides themselves on their love for one another and passion for athletics. One of the things that stuck out the most in our conversation is how much of a team player he is; especially given the immense talent he has, his team-first mentality is really impressive. What follows are excerpts from our interview.

Bates Student: Where are you from, and how did you hear about Bates?

JA: So I’m from Ridgewood, New Jersey. Which is like northern New Jersey right outside of New York City. I’ve been playing lacrosse pretty much my whole life; my dad coached me when I was younger. He coached my grade from third grade to eighth grade and then I stayed at Ridgewood High School, where I played lacrosse.

Then going into my senior year I was trying to get recruited by certain schools because I wanted to play lacrosse at the next level. I found out about Bates and contacted Coach Lasagna, and asked him to take a look at me and told him which camps I was going to. After he saw me he called me and said, “We’re really interested and we want you to come check out the campus.” It wasn’t hard to choose Bates; a lot of people can agree when you come up here it’s really easy to want to be here. The people, the campus, the aesthetics, it was an easy choice to decide that I wanted to play lacrosse here.

BS: Awesome. And you said your pops coached you when you were younger- how has that relationship been with him? To have your dad as your coach and mentor must make you bond even deeper; I’m sure he is your biggest fan.

JA: Definitely, he comes to as many games as he possibly can. It’s around a six-hour drive, and he makes the home games and a lot of the away games as well. It’s fun, you know? He knows the game, when something happens in my game he will talk to me about it later and ask me, “What happened on this play? What’s your guy’s strategy? What kind of play are you setting up?” So it’s fun to talk to him about that.

BS: Nice, you told me before he played at Princeton, correct?

JA: Yeah, he played there—he was a faceoff guy. Because I don’t play Division One, I am allowed to root for them! They are the team I follow because my dad played there.

BS: Exactly, represent! What position do you play?

JA: I am an attacker. Only offense. It’s funny because my dad would teach me how to shoot, he would say, “You need to shoot overhand,” and I do the complete opposite. Just because it is a father-son thing does not always mean you do what he did.

BS: Do you have any siblings? If so, do they play any sports?

JA: Yeah, I have a sister Katie who goes here, actually—she’s on the women’s lacrosse team. She is a freshman and is having a good time so far. I have always followed the women’s team closely, but it is more fun now because my sister plays for them.

BS: Did your Mom play any sports? Did she play lax?

JA: Actually my mom was an All-American swimmer at Villanova.

BS: Woah!

JA: Yeah, and my dad was not All-American so we tease him sometimes and say that my sister and I got all of our athleticism from mom.

BS: Okay, so if you could tell incoming freshman Jack Allard anything, what advice would you give him?

JA: I think if I were going to talk to myself coming into Bates I would say for classes for first semester I should definitely take 100-level classes. I took some 200-level ones and it kind of hurt me a little bit. And then for lacrosse, I would tell myself to stick with it and keep working hard because the more effort you put into it, the better it’s going to be. Because my freshman and sophomore years we had tough seasons, and it was hard to keep pushing forward, but I would definitely tell myself it will work out.

BS: Good advice. How is the season going for you guys? I know it’s still early.

JA: Yeah, it is. We’re 7-1 right now. We’re definitely keeping the momentum we had from last year.

BS: Definitely. Now for a few miscellaneous questions: Favorite book, favorite TV show, favorite vacation spot, and perfect pizza?

JA: Favorite book is Freakonomics; favorite TV show is Parks and Rec; favorite vacation spot is Long Beach Island in New Jersey, and my perfect pizza is buffalo chicken pizza from my local pizza place back in New Jersey—Anthony Francos.