Fret not, Batman v. Superman is nowhere near as terrible as the reviews say it is. Actually, it isn’t terrible at all—it’s pretty good! Simply that the movie has both Batman and Superman together is enough to put a grin on your face for most of the movie, and the addition of Wonder Woman will be enough to put you over the edge.

As with many Zack Snyder films, style is more important than substance. The plot of the film is not exactly clear of holes and the storyline relies very heavily on impossible coincidences. As with any Batman film, we open with the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents. That scene surprisingly comes into play later in the film in an interesting way. Despite the plot holes, the film does not go in the direction you would expect. The plot is very different than The Dark Knight trilogy, which is nice to see. The trailers did ruin some plot twists, such as the villain, Doomsday, or even the reveal of Wonder Woman. Even worse, Doomsday and the circumstances surrounding his creation are the worst and most predictable parts of the movie. The last half hour is very predictable, which makes the movie’s ending less impactful.

Yet, Wonder Woman is by far the best part of the movie. Gal Gadot is awesome as Wonder Woman—her character is so cool and in charge of every scene she is in. Her solo movie will certainly be amazing. Furthermore, the theme song that comes on whenever she is on screen is amazing. It is different for the rest of the score which makes Wonder Woman’s scenes feel special and separate from the rest of the movie. She can fight and it looks like she could have beaten both Superman and Batman together. She’s the adult in this movie.

Ben Affleck is just as good if not better than Christian Bale. He gets to spend more of the movie as Bruce Wayne than Batman, which allows him to create a fully formed Bruce Wayne. Henry Cavill is a respectable Superman, neither amazing nor terrible. It’s still impossible to believe that Superman can be on national television with his face fully in view and then he can put on glasses and be completely unrecognizable. With not so subtle metaphors, the film spends a ton of time positioning Superman as God.

Films centered around a fight between two of the most popular superheroes is an odd decision to start with. For some reason both DC and Marvel have decided to do just that, with Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War coming out in May.

The motivations between Superman and Batman’s fight is a little forced, but it is not how the trailers paint it out to be. The fight is not a cop-out and there is a clear winner to the fight. The battle is very visually striking with each hero pulling out all the tricks they have while still looking super cool when they get beat up. There is not much new when it comes to the fight: one hero finds a way to get the upper hand and proceeds to beat up the opponent, until the other finds a way to get the upper hand. Luckily the film does not center around the fight, and so its sketchy beginning and resolution of the fight do not bog the film down too much.

Be prepared for Inception-esque dream within a dream sequences which of course are packed with metaphors that people will be writing analyses about for the coming weeks. The sequences all raise questions and plant seeds for future movies (either for Justice League or possibly for a Batman solo movie). One of the dreams randomly pops up in the middle of the movie and is probably the most important scene in the movie (and arguably the coolest) as it provides the biggest hint of things to come. Other dreams hint at Batman’s tortured past and even Superman’s past.

Overall, Batman v. Superman is an experience worth having. There are problems with the plot and how the film juggles being its own movie, while being a prequel to Justice League. Seeing the Trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman together for the first time on screen is absolutely awesome. The DC universe may never top Marvel’s universe, but with Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, and of course Justice League coming up soon, you cannot ignore this movie and the DC universe.