The coming week, Bates will have a visiting performance from the spoken word duo, DarkMatter. They are a Brooklyn based act composed of two South Asian transgender performers, Alok Vaid-Menon and Janani Balasubramanian. As performers and social justice activists, they hold a progressive political leaning and use various outlets to express critique and speak out about their own struggles. Their online presence brings attention to societal issues that are left on the fringes like transgender-misogyny, Orientalism and Islamophobia. Their performances, though serious in the subject matter, are energetic and often comedic, livened with song, playful vulgarity and storytelling.

Another facet of their multimedia performance is their use of fashion as an additional method of criticism and deconstruction of binary. All in all, they make and have made incredible use of the modern world to point out its hypocrisies, injustices and misgivings.

DarkMatter will perform Friday, February 5th in Olin Concert Hall at 9pm.