“The Squealer” is a fan favorite at Forage. JULIA MONGEAU /THE BATES STUDENT

Picture this: it’s Sunday morning. You have a day of work ahead of you. Commons coffee just won’t cut it today. What do you do? You go to Forage Market, of course.

Forage Market is a Bates favorite and popular destination for Saturday and Sunday brunch. Spend any weekend morning there and you will see herds of Bates students filing in the door to order the classic Forage breakfast sandwich and a cup of coffee.

The Forage breakfast sandwich is an ungodly creation consisting of a fried egg, greens, tomato, meat of your choice and savory aioli stacked between a salt bagel. Trust me on the salt bagel—it changes everything.

Breaking it down by ingredients, the breakfast sandwich is made using local and seasonal ingredients whenever possible. In an age where people like to know where their food is coming from, Forage provides information on its website about the farmers from whom it get its food products. The fresh greens could come from Bluebell Farm in Bowdoinham, ME or Emery Farm in Wayne, ME. And the meat that makes the sandwich all the more hearty and satisfying comes from Wee Bit Farm in Orland, ME.

The incredible bagels are house-made, cooked in a wood-fire oven. Made out of a dough consisting of four simple ingredients, the bagels are warm, hearty and freshly made each morning. These are no grocery store bagels.

The bonds are strong between Bates and Forage, whether through frequent customers like Alison Simmons ’16 or staff who also attend the college.

Bates students enjoy their brunch. JULIA MONGEAU/THE BATES STUDENT

“Nothing beats a relaxed Sunday morning, drinking a mocha latte and eating a Forage breakfast sandwich,” Simmons said. “The fresh ingredients that make me actually want to eat my vegetables and the alternative, hipster atmosphere make it the best breakfast place around.”

It’s true the ambiance only adds to the overall dining experience. Wooden tables, Mason jar glasses and the smell of baking bread foster a warm, relaxing environment.

Bates has a unique relationship with the popular market, as three students work at Forage. Georga Morgan-Fleming ’18, Hannah Otten ’16 and Sasha Grodsky ’16 spend part of their week working there, serving up breakfast to their fellow classmates and Lewiston community members alike.

“Our relationship with the L/A community is very strong,” Morgan-Fleming said, who has worked at the market since August 2014. “We have a large number of regulars who we all know by names (and sandwich order) and see on an almost daily basis. We also support local community projects and always encourage people to post flyers for local events on our community board.”

In addition to the breakfast sandwiches and making lattes, Grodsky loves the atmosphere at Forage, speaking highly of her co-workers and enjoying an opportunity to get “to know people in Lewiston beyond the Bates community.”

As for the Bates presence, Morgan-Fleming said, “The Bates students who come in on the weekends are also a big part of the market. They create a slightly different vibe in the market than our typical weekday crowd. On Saturdays and Sundays we pump up the music and bounce around while delivering sandwiches and lattes. You will rarely see a Forage employee on a weekend who isn’t dancing.”

“The Bates regulars also play a big role in stimulating the market financially, something for which we are incredibly grateful. The Bates students are a wonderful addition to the demographics of the market and I love to hear that they are as excited about us as we are about them.”

And if you are craving some delicious hot chocolate, you have Morgan-Fleming to thank. Her favorite thing to make is Forage’s bulk hot chocolate powder, made from scratch. She worked with the market’s owner on its recipe, and she feels “very personally attached to it.”

So next Sunday morning, if the weather is dreary and you just can’t handle that midterms are in two weeks, get your friend with the car out of bed and make your way to the best breakfast place on Lisbon Street. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a dining experience like no other.