With the start of the new semester, the Bates College Student Government leadership sets an ambitious agenda after a semester of adjustment to their new structure.

This past Sunday’s meeting focused on introducing new people who have taken on new positions in the Student Government. Currently, the Organizational Review Board Committee (ORB) has welcomed a new chair, Paul Jordan, who will be holding interviews on Thursday the 28th to fill the three seats on the Committee. Only after the three people have been chosen will the Committee form their constitution. The ORB’s job is to review prospective clubs and decide whether or not they should be confirmed as official clubs. This usually consists of evaluating proposed club constitutions and objectives on campus.

The Student Government’s Secretary, Katharine Gaillard, is working on starting a new committee that will revolve around publicity. The goal of the committee will be to organize meetings, send emails in the Bates Today and help to spread news about all meetings so that the students can connect more intimately with Student Government.

Another new committee in the works is the Academic Affairs Council, which retains some functions of the pre-existing Educational Policy Committee though is all together new this semester. Associate Dean of Students for Campus Life Kim Trauceniek is working with the Dean of Faculty’s Office and the Committee on Faculty Governance to facilitate more student input in academic matters.

In an effort to attract more people, senior Nicole Bermudez proposed that the members of the Student Government table in Commons to answer questions and inform the students of their current plans and the things they have achieved thus far.

The members also welcomed a new Treasurer who discussed some of the financial problems and the current budget, which stands at $31,000, with $11,000 earmarked for the Senior Week. Typically, the Student Government has more money allotted to them; however, they can still work with the allocated funds for this year.

One of the budgetary issues concerns the Bates Outing Club (BOC), which is being audited by the BCSG Treasurer given the theft and losses of their equipment. The BOC Treasurer will have to do an inventory check by February 1st and the club will face the appropriate penalty if their inventory falls below audit standards.

The Student Government wants to implement new rules regarding the pass/fail regulations, where students will have six weeks to change their class to a pass/fail instead of two. Bermudez gave an update and informed the council that it will be a long process that will involve two meetings, a month apart. At first the idea will have to be presented to all the faculty members during the first meeting; they will then make their decision during the second meeting.

The members of the Student Government will be on a leadership development and strategizing retreat on February 13th that will be both interactive and educational. The retreat is an effort to foster camaraderie and teach essential skills for the success of the organization. There will also be multiple workshops available to the members in the future.

Sunday’s gathering was solely a staff meeting; however, there will be  a Town Hall meeting in the near future. Students are encouraged to attend if they have questions or are interested in becoming involved with the Student Government’s plans.